Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Oh Nathaniel, It's On!
January 28, 2018 10:05 PM - Season 3, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Rebecca goes off the rails yet again when the massive doses of hormone shots kick in. When Nathaniel refuses to hire her back, she undergoes a coup to take over the company. Meanwhile, Heather joins a training program at her job and is conflicted between the horrors of corporate vs. the joys of people liking her suggestions.

This is an episode full of reprises and callbacks, really.

On the one hand, good for Heather for finding a career path (though I was horrified at her corporate outfit). On the other hand, Heather's randomly volunteering to incubate Darryl's baby? Uh....

Fifty bucks says Rebecca gets knocked up by Nathaniel since she has no self control and a bunch of shots.

I can't help but think that introducing an actual pregnancy into this plot is a horrible idea all around, but one way or another it's clearly gonna happen somehow...OY.
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I thought this episode was kind of not very good, especially Rebecca's plotline and her miraculous ability to corral her former coworkers into an insane ill-defined scheme with nothing in particular in it for them against someone they were more or less ok with, in the presence of Paula, despite Paula's awareness of Rebecca's general issues and her use of hormones.

Also, why was Nathaniel representing himself in court?
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The whole Darryl-having-a-baby subplot, in fact, seems pretty ill considered, especially now that it's metastasized into a non-sub plot.
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I agree that this episode was not so good. Feeling a little like the whole thing is going off the rails.

Is Josh gonna date Hector’s Mom?????
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I'm not sure what to do about this show anymore. I still think the performers are great, and I love the creativity of the musical numbers. But the storylines and the characterizations are so frustrating and annoying. It's gone right into the realm of too-stupid-to-watch. If this were a normal show, the decision to quit watching would be so easy, I wouldn't even need to call it a decision.
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On the Commentary for Settle for Me, Rachel talks about how she wanted Greg and Rebecca's waltz to zoom out and represent the generation upon generation of their parents that passed on these issues to lead to Greg and Rebecca having these terrible expectations for relationships.

So I'm not too surprised about the baby arc. I imagine a baby will lead to a good season of diving into the various ways we pass along our issues to our children, even if we think we've gotten our shit together. And examine the limits of Family of Choice outside marriage.

I mean, I watch Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. So these crazy plot points don't even register on my scale of television. But I love that Heather threw her hat in the ring.

She's so often the voice of reason against Rebecca's ideas, we forget that her track record for good ideas is actually pretty slim. She is usually against Rebecca's decisions because she's against the idea of making decisions at all. Now that she's finally made a small amount of progress in being able to make a decision, we shouldn't expect them to all be good. Deciding she can do anything, as long as it only lasts an academic year is right in Heather's wheelhouse.

I also didn't hate the idea that the firm employees would back her play for the firm. Sure, Nathaniel's no longer a monster. But he did take their boutique real estate firm and make it suuuuuper corporate. Nathaniel might not be Plimpton Sr, but he's still Plimpton Sr's proxy, and they're still taking developers that are kicking out their favorite (chinese?) restaurant tenants.

It's personal for Nathaniel and Rebecca. But it's just a good decision for the sorts of lawyers who would enjoy being long-term employees of Whitefeather & Associates. Which is why Jim helpfully suggests Rebecca take them to another firm. They don't want the fight, but they realize if Rebecca wins the fight, they might get something they actually want.
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But he did take their boutique real estate firm and make it suuuuuper corporate.

Really? How can you tell? They sure don't seem to be concerned about tracking their billable hours in six-minute increments any more than they were before.
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Also, like—why would they even show up in court? The whole idea of the suit is that it's being brought by Darryl's ex-wife, not by the employees of the firm.
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- Rebecca calling up super creepy developers and offering low cut outfits for client visits.
-George having to put a dead rat in the restaurant to get the tenants evicted.
- Rebecca’s replacement being shocked how relaxed the office was.

So we know Nathaniel has softened his tyrannical management style. But not much else. No indication he’s stopped taking those sorts of cases or that Plimpton Sr won’t come in and make it feel more like a Plimpton Office.
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Rebecca’s replacement being shocked how relaxed the office was.

So … it isn't super corporate? And isn't it striking how none of them had any specific bad word to say about Nathaniel or the work environment? And I don't think having an associate (what does George even do, is he an associate?) personally plant dead rats in a restaurant is the acme of corporate law practice.

There is now and was previously basically zero detail, let alone reality, to the goings-on at the firm.
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Sorry, when I said SUUUUPER CORPORATE, I didn't mean the overworked real life law firm. I meant evil capitalists who are willing to do any shady thing necessary to guarantee profit for their terrible clients. Sure, they might still have a reasonable work-life balance. But they do that while lining the pockets of scum and doing illegal things at the behest of their now kinda likable boss.

It's like those apologists going to bat for Harvey Weinstein. He's done great things for my career, why should I look closely at how he's hurt other people?

Have you ever worked for a small company bought by a larger corporate giant? There is always a promise that they'll retain the corporate culture to retain continuity. And there is always the threat that the overarching corporate culture will migrate over.

It's stressful. And to the extent that they've kept their corporate culture, that's on Rebecca and her personal relationship with Nathaniel. She has gone to bat to stop people from getting fired, and argued against BREAKING THE LAW to screw decent tenants out of their home. Sure, they won't do the work to find a better job. But why are we surprised that they'll happily allow Rebecca to do tons of work to get them a better job. One where they might feel better about how they pay their bills.
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