RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race: All-Star Variety Show
January 29, 2018 7:40 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

A mystery 10th queen joins the nine All Stars competing for $100,000 and a place in the Drag Race Hall of Fame. The first test is to compete in a drag variety show. With guest judge Vanessa Hudgens.
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Bonus bonus (of questionable source, longevity not certain): The Pit Stop Season 3 - Episode 1 AllStar 3 - Variety Show (mirrored video, audio sounds normal) with Alaska.
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I finally watched this and it was awesome and I have a lot of thoughts about it but it's a quarter to two here so I'm going to defer that a bit.
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Nope- I'm still not down with Thorgy and her terrible wigs. She's an excellent musician, but those damn wigs...
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Thorgy's enormous horrible wigs to cover Thorgy's horrible white dude dreads are like, my least favourite part of the whole Thorgy package.

Loved Trixie's little song. Just so sweet and well performed. I'm also very glad Ben's out the gate strong, she's one of my favorites.

Really disappointed in Chi Chi, too. It's like her season never happened and she's back to square one. Interesting to see if she lifts her game.
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Loved this episode. I thought the variety show this time was much stronger than AS2.

I was so sad to watch Chi Chi and her terrible shoes and a little disappointed to see Morgan go so early, as I was interested to see how she'd changed since S2, but happy that Ben won.
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I don't understand why Morgan was so surprised she was ousted. If you announce to the world and sundry that you're going to take out everyone who's a threat, then you're automatically the biggest threat and will be sent home. Since they're doing the returning queens thing, it seems (though they didn't say it as outright as they did last year), I'm assuming that Morgan has a good chance of coming back.
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Ben was a pure delight. That win was well-deserved (both the variety show performance and the lipsync--and the reading was pretty darn good too). Aja, who appears to be either 12 or 50 years old, was surprisingly strong. Chi Chi, forever #1 in my heart, choked so badly this episode, and I really hope she steps up her game.

I strongly dislike Trixie as a person (and am kinda lukewarm on her as a performer). I have no idea what to make of that song. It was lovely, actually, and in any other context I'd enjoy it, but it seemed *super* out of place here, both in the context of a drag variety show and in the context of Trixie's usual shtick.

It feels like we have a smaller group of queens than we're used to seeing, which is a mighty relief. More ≠ Better.
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duffell, if you liked Trixie's song you should check out her other music. The song is not out of place in the context of her music which is folk/singer songwriter and all quite lovely. I did think the song felt out of place in the show after those dance numbers... maybe earlier in the show would have been better.

I want Chi Chi to do better.

I'm continually surprised at how much I like Ben, I somehow forget how good she is when she's not actually performing, same for Kennedy actually!

When the queens were announces I was firmly Team Trixie.... but, now.... I'm teamless!

The week is long between episodes!!
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My dream top 4 so far is Ben, Shangela, Trixie, and Bebe but I wouldn't be mad if Chi Chi turned it around either.
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I'm still team Trixie, but I'm absolutely here for Bebe!!! I really hope she doesn't falter. I'm also a surprise convert of Aja's - she really grew and developed as a performer since last season!
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So, uh, no one's Team Milk? No? Just checking.

Because Milk is spoiled. Dumb puns aside, she's changed a LOT from the outsider/ oddity as she presented herself in season 6. I forgot what Milk did in the variety show until reading the Vulture recap and then I remembered I thought it was ... nice? Cute? Fun? Definitely top 2, and not a contender for a place in the Drag Race Hall of Fame at this point.

All that aside, I'm team Ben #1, Trixie #2 -- Ben really surprised me, and I think the other queens will continue to underestimate her until she wins once or twice more. "Miss Congeniality" is her shield of invisibility ... for now. Her reads were great, so she has some bite. I've come to love Trixie from her work with Katya in UNHhhh (first of many episodes) - I love her humor, and she's an impressive musician.

Aja, who appears to be either 12 or 50 years old, was surprisingly strong

So, so well said ;)
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Aja, I love you, and I love your epic read of Valentina.

Girl, you fixed your skin, now fix your damn makeup.
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Milk should have been in the bottom 2 with Chi Chi. I guess her performance could be termed meta but I wasn't a fan. I don't see Bebe making it to the finish. She's coasting on her experience and elegance but the other girls are hungry.
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I adore Ben and always have. She is perfection in my eyes!
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I can't stop hearing Shangela's "Why YOU mad?" in my head.
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