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January 31, 2018 7:18 PM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

As Eliot is hunted, Quentin and Julia discover a powerful secret tied to the history of Brakebills.
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Funny story. I completely forgot that this show actually comes on Wednesdays, so I thought when I saw this post that I was a day behind. I couldn't find it on SyFy so I figured they wait a whole day. So I used an illegal streaming site to watch it. (BTW, I hate watching this show without captions, Quentin is the worst mumbler) The stream has one small problem: it cuts off early at the end. So what I ended the episode with was Penny jumping up going WHAT and then nothing. It actually is both infuriating and hilarious at the same time.

I did go back on SyFy and double checked the schedule and it's indeed Wednesdays.

I really liked this episode, though. I'm gonna try and watch the legit stream once it's up tomorrow.
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The stream has one small problem: it cuts off early at the end. So what I ended the episode with was Penny jumping up going WHAT and then nothing.

Your stream did not cut out early, this is how they ended the episode. Which I found hilarious, personally. This was a great episode in a lot of respects, but ending it that way was just the perfect way to cap it off.
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ok so the "residual magic" in Irene McAllistair's house was actually fairies right? Penny saw that they were like a vertical column of light controlling the stuff? And then we saw them again in the room with the key just standing there, and when Julia picked up the key we saw the actual figures, and I thought they looked like fairies. So chances are a McAllistair made some kind of deal with the fairies?

I'm also really curious who is magically contacting Julia. It could be a god but now I'm really not sure.
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Me to my husband as Kady talks about burning his body mid-ep: "Oh obviously they'll realize Penny is still alive only after his body is partially eaten or on fire." Sometimes I hate being right, but this series loves to make us watch the characters suffer. ;_;

I'm betting that the residual magic Julia carries is a gift from the goddess we saw last year when she declined to kill Reynard.

Obviously Irene's family must have enslaved some fairies, which may be the secret that led to the father-son confrontation we saw in ghost format. A secret like that would get the McAllisters banhammered from Brakebills forever. I'm guessing that Mayakovsky also knows about this secret, because we have to tie all the dang storylines together from this season somehow.

As a non-book-reader, that seems perfectly logical to me. It would explain why the fairy queen was happy with Margo asking the ship to consent to ship-sex instead of forcing it, and why she wants to punish human beings on the Fillory side while she has the chance.

Will the key leaving Irene's house (for the first time since the War ended!) finally free the fairies from her thrall? Stay tuned!
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Julia mentioned that the key makes her feel like she is not herself. If I were a betting man, I would bet that the key does not have a similar effect on anyone else in the gang and that the feeling that the key engenders in her is related to why she can still do magic when everyone else is tapped.

The writers went extra hard on talking about dads (Alice’s dead dad, Quentin’s cured dad, Eliot’s illusory dad and coming to terms with being a dad himself, Lance’s murderous dad) and vore (Eliot’s illusory dad being dinner for the Neitherlands scavengers, Eliot unknowingly eating grilled librarian, the Corpse Eater, Margo’s vow to eat the Fairy Queen’s heart). It will be interesting to see whether these were one-offs or if it’ll tie into a season-spanning theme.

Margo… should know better. A magician should never just vow something like that out loud. Especially in a magical land. Especially especially while on a quest. Especially especially especially when fairies are involved. There are rules, Margo.
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Yeah, but Margo is going to .. well... Margo, I guess.
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I totally can see Margo eating the FQ's heart, tho'. She's that hard core.

It definitely was a dad heavy episode.

I also wonder if the captive fairies (I, too, am assuming they're captive) will play a role in how the fairy problem in Fillory is resolved. I had assumed the secret for the McAllisters might have been the son being gay. But the fairies make sense, too!

I'll say, I really enjoyed Penny as the unintentional narrator of the episode. I wouldn't want this again any time soon, but it was a fun way to hop around, let us know where things were going and so on. I'd missed Elliott last episode, so it was great to see him again. We also have the fall out of Frey learning her father had lied to her.
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A pretty damn good episode, they're building up a nice head of steam. We're so far off the books now that I've given up my dream of seeing Margo/Janet with the ice axes but hey, Margo swearing to eat the heart of that chalky bitch works pretty well.

I love the device of telling most of the episode through Penny. One would think it would lessen some of the gravitas of Katy trying to OD or Kady and Alice trying to decide what to do with the body but it did not.

I'm really becoming fond of Tick - his conversations with Margo are just precious.
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oh yeah, I really got a kick out of how everything revolved around Penny jumping around and we actually covered everyone's story.
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