Mayhem (2017)
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A dangerous virus is discovered in a corporate law building, the very same firm that recently cleared an infected man on murder charges. As the chaos mounts, a disgruntled employee fights his way to the top. Literally.

A virus nicknamed "red eye" for the signature appearance of those infected loosens inhibitions. When it starts to spread, the building is placed in quarantine until it can run its course-8 hours. As corporate employees show their true colors, Derek Cho, a disgruntled employee, attempts to fight his way to the top floor to talk to the "Top 9" who run the company.

Directed by Joe Lynch (Knights of Badassdom).
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Interesting how certain similar movies seem to be in close release... Is it because scripts get shopped around and then people "copy the ideas"? Because this sounds kind of similar to "The Belko Experiment". (Didn't finish that one, just irked me the wrong way somehow)
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I disliked the Belko Experiment. This film felt like to me what Belko wanted to be and wasn't.
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There's another sort-of similar movie coming out...When I started this I'd thought it was the one I'd read about where an energy drink causes the disease outbreak in the office, but no, it turns out that that one is Office Uprising.
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I would like to have a nuanced take on this film but, as someone who actually worked construction once upon a time, the nailgun thing is tripping me up.

For the umpteenth time, nailguns DO NOT SHOOT NAILS LIKE BULLETS. There is a pretty simple, easily understood safety feature. You have to press the gun against a solid surface to get it to shoot a nail. If you're not pushing the nail against something, it will not dispense a nail.
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