Happy!: I am the Future
February 1, 2018 11:29 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

In the season finale, Sax and Happy battle "Bad Santa" for Hailey while Merry helps Amanda.

Happy finds a clue to where Hailey is. He rounds up some friends, and he and Nick go to get Hailey from "Bad Santa" in his own little "Toyland." Hailey reveals what she wished for and it's granted. Happy accepts a new assignment as an Imaginary Friend after Hailey is reunited with Amanda, and Nick begins to try and be a father.

But when Blue sees Mikey in prison, he finally gets the password he wanted. Things aren't as wrapped up with a bow as they seem.
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My feeling about the way it was filmed is that if the show didn't get renewed, Sax would die. Since it was, they went with the cliffhanger. Honestly this show was well done from beginning to end this season and I hope next season is just as good.
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but HOW IS THERE MORE??!!! I'm not mad it got renewed, not at all. But after that last ep I thought "surely this..."

I'm always happy to be wrong!
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Did you watch it to the end because it's clear where the plot is going.
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One thing that's really interesting is that Happy! looks different from the first episode. In e1 his horn is a pale pink. In e8 it's hot pink,
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Such an odd show. Weird to nitpick a show with fantasy elements, but it throws me for a loop whenever Nick gets in a car accident or is shot or gets beaten up and he walks away without a scratch, but a heart attack might just kill him. I almost feel like I've watched this show before: angel does something misguided and now needs to earn his way back into heaven.

Did anyone else think the kids were going to be delivered back to their parents? Only now traumatized into being well-behaved?

I'm still on the fence as to whether I liked the show or not.
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A thing I liked about the show was how throughout it, Nick was without fear. The only scene (that I remember him) being fearful was when he was going to spend time with his daughter.
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My "how is there more" comment is essentially my level of gobsmacked that I can watch a man get a large dildo broken off in his ass and say "shit" and "fuck" repeatedly and a dubstep Torture Garden strobe-light fetish party and and and

I'm old, I guess? This seems way not relatable compared to a lot of basic cable shows, but we are after all living in a golden age for graphic novel adaptations.

Cool that we get more Patton Oswalt. No question. I'm just amazed at the series that get one season and that's it. I kinda thought this might be one as well.
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Agreed that it's a very WTF show all around.

The meaning behind 'Smoothie' was more surprising, for me, than the dildo-anal thing. Like, was that an intentional bodymod or an injury or what? It's also a really funny image because the graphics or bodysuit or whatever was so wrong.
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Just so you guys no there will be a second season, I know this because someone I know is co-starring in it. So HOORAY!
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I just finished binging the show and man I want a second season so bad. I don't get Syfy so I'm debating just illegally streaming it or wait another year for it to be on Netflix.

This show was just so fantastic. I love all the fantasy elements, and I love that on one end it's goddamn imaginary friends that will stab the shit out of you, and on the other there's a literal Latin curse that's a supernatural power to be passed on in a mob family.
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Heads up, season 2 has started airing.
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