The Amazing Race: Get Your Sheep Together
October 10, 2014 11:13 PM - Season 25, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Leg 3 of the race around the world begins in Oxford and ends in the Shetland Islands.

Along the way there are: Vikings, grumpy ponies, bent nails, ferries, skulls, peat, castles, torches, leaping sheep, treasure, and - of course - gorgeous scenery accompanied by dental braggadocio.
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Things I learn on the Amazing Race #1: Museums are far more likely to have the right answer than random people on the street or friendly folks in a pub. Thanks, TAR!

Although you have to admit, the sheer logic of "found" -> "foundry" could only come from a pub.

Things I learn on the Amazing Race #2: Some people don't know how to bend nails. Use your fingers? Pre-bend it? Seriously? You'd think it would be harder to NOT bend a nail.
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I do love a leaping sheep.

Was this the first episode where the scientists were at all featured? They didn't drop too far after the construction dudes sent them back to the castle/church instead of the excavation site, handled the pony and the sheep well, and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

If the wrestlers are going to be so defeatist every time a non-physical challenge arises - and sometimes when it is physical ... ugh.
posted by julen at 6:36 AM on October 11, 2014

The sheep-herding task looked seriously frustrating and exhausting. Am I right in thinking that the secret is to just walk slowly with frequent pauses and keep your arms outstretched?
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You generally want to keep something of a distance, especially when parallel to the sheep, but also discouraging them to go outside the center path (outstretched arms are good). Also, no yelling, as if you were on a cattle drive. It spooks sheep.
posted by julen at 12:31 PM on October 11, 2014

Oh, poor firefighters (my local team!). They weren't going to last, though.
The sheep task looked tough. Animal herding is hard, sheepdogs are bred for it.
My current fave is the surfers; I enjoy a couple that works well together. I also like the scientists.
Pleasantly I don't have a current "I hate them don't let them win" team. The dentists are a bit annoying? But not too terrible yet.
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Shetlands sure seemed like a gorgeous and nicely eccentric place. Loved the bouncy sheep.
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The scientists are my locals. Go, nerds, go!
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