The Amazing Race: Thinly Sliced Anchovies
October 18, 2014 6:40 AM - Season 25, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The teams travel from the Shetlands to Copenhagen.

Parking spaces are decorated. Cakes are carted. Orders are taken. One team melts down. Another team just can't believe they aren't kicking ass. There's an efficient driving challenge, side trips to Sweden, awesome architecture, geographic trivia, petal-counting, lots of different plane flights, tasty sandwiches, and tiny flags. One judge is delightful, one judge stoic, and a maitre' D knows what she should be getting. Also, the save is proffered, but it's a non-elimination round.
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I think I was doubly disappointed that the dentists were not only not eliminated, they still get to keep their save. Between him glowering at her in the restaurant doorway and her claiming he was being helpful, and then later talking about how he "let" the "girl" do that challenge (implication: because even an untrained monkey could do it)... they narrowly edged out mother/daughter for my least favorite team this episode.

The passive-aggressive sulkiness is apparently the silent 3rd teammate on mother/daughter.

On the plus side, the cycling girls were delightful this episode - from the forethought of taking along an icing pack to not panicking when they lost the order to adjusting to the different way the bike rode to paying attention to the way they drove for the efficiency challenge.
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This show has set such low expectations in the past that I was actually relieved at how the male dentist acted. There have been far too many men who start yelling and complaining when their partner is taking too long at a Roadblock. I found the grumpy looks funny because she was so happy and chipper in comparison. Them being the only team with enough hustle to start phoning around for flights earlier also impressed me. I was all set to hate them at the beginning of the first episode, but they're starting to grow on me.

I was disappointed they got to keep their save because it's too powerful. I would have been furious if the mother/daughter got a non-elimination while they were moping and complaining at the mat.
posted by Gary at 5:11 PM on October 18, 2014

What's the story with the enormous dogs at the pitstop? Usually the pitstop features some local color, but these dogs (while fun) seemed sort of random.

I wasn't thrilled with the menu at the fancy-schmancy restaurant.

I wonder if the dentists will have to use the save in this next leg since they will be starting last.
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Fun ep. The futuristic apartment building at the end was cool.
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The dogs were Great Danes!
Fun ep, interesting challenges, always bring the bag of frosting along. I loved Maya at the menu challenge, especially when she came up to the lady, opened her mouth, realized she didn't have it and turned around without saying anything to practice more.
Also, mom daughter dysfunction was hard to watch.
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What's the story with the enormous dogs at the pitstop? Usually the pitstop features some local color, but these dogs (while fun) seemed sort of random

Great Danes! In Denmark! I'm happy now.

The mom and daughter were so dysfunctional, and it was painful to watch. The sniping, the silent treatment, the passive-aggressive stuff. Mom is NOT such a great friend and ally is she. That's exactly the kind of shit my mother would pull and it made me squirm so much.

The dentists can NOT get philiminated fast enough for me. I hate them with a white-hot passion. Smug jerks.

I'm rooting for the bike messengers now. They didn't get hubris over a task that they had special skills in, they assessed the situation, thought about what they might need to change about what they would normally do and in a stroke of genius, they took a spare frosting bag with them.
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