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Since the books and show diverge and then re-join in unpredictable ways, I thought that maybe an all-season, books only thread would be good. The other posts are marked "show only" so bring your "WTF Quentin, that wasn't in the book" rants and raves here.

From Den of Geek: "The Magicians season 3 has returned, and the central story takes the group on an epic quest to restore magic to the world. As the journey unfolds one key at a time, the consequences of Quentin killing a god, Alice angering many magical creatures, Margo making a deal with the Fairies, and Penny signing on with the Library are making themselves known."
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I made this post mainly so I could gripe about how Poppy is totally not doing it for me on the show and I liked her in the book.
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I "read" the audiobooks, and the narrator's Australian accent was so bad, that Felicia Day is seriously fine. No Australian accent is way better than a bad one. And I like how this Poppy is devious but also winning. I never really saw in the books how she and Q got together, but they could be such a terrible anti-couple in this version, it could work!
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I haven't had a chance to read The Magician's Land and was wondering how much of it can be found in the books.
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I love Felicia for some odd geeky reason.

They have deviated so far from the books now that I'm surprised Poppy even made an appearance. It's been a few years since I've read the books but I am now utterly befuddled as to whether any of what's on the screen was in the books.
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The quest for the keys is in the second book, but it's nothing like the show. It was after Quentin used a key and ended up back on Earth that he met Poppy. They do go to the underworld in book 2, but it was to get a key and also as a side note, Julia is turned into a dryad.
Do anyone think they'll do that with show-Julia? I've been wondering about that since I finished The Magician King last winter.
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