Stargate Origins: Mission Files - Episodes 1-3
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Stargate (finally!) returns with a 10 episode prequel on Stargate Command. "A young Catherine Langford (Ellie Gall) embarks on an unexpected adventure to unlock the mystery of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save the Earth from darkness."

(Episode Descriptions from Wikipedia)
Episode 1 - For more than ten years, Catherine Langford has watched her father labor over the mysterious ringed device he discovered in the Egyptian desert back in 1928. With answers eluding them both and funding running out, the Langford’s situation has become desperate. As the Professor makes plans to move the ring abroad, Catherine struggles to hold on to her life in Cairo, Egypt. But when mysterious figures show up at their facility late one night, new light is shed on the device in a most sinister way.

Episode 2 - Dr. Brücke’s intentions become clearer as he puts his theories about the Langford discovery to the test. As the ring’s potential is revealed, Brücke decides to kidnap Professor Langford as Catherine is held hostage by one of his loyal soldiers.

Episode 3 - Cleverly eluding her captors, Catherine recruits the help of two soldiers for a rescue mission into the unknown. Meanwhile, Professor Langford and Brücke come face to face with a powerful new force.
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I love Stargate. It's my favorite TV SF franchise, and its only real competition is Babylon 5. I even legitimately liked SGU.

That said, I'm really disappointed to see them going prequel here. Is it cool to go on about how this messes up prior continuity, or do you prefer the discussion center only on Origins?
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I was disappointed about a prequel too, feel free to go on!

I'm enjoying it even with the continuity issues so far, it feels so right and so wrong at the same time, but it might bother me more when I go back and rewatch it once my excitement has died down. Seeing the gate open after so long (before so long? have had been opened?) took my focus off of the details.
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Offhand the problems that leapt out to me included:

- Catherine Langford shouldn't go through the gate, because her having offworld experience is contrary to what she told Daniel Jackson, (and looks pretty cruel in retrospect).

- Any Goa'uld knowing about Earth/Tau'ri stuff prior to Ra, (and then Apophis), raises a bunch of questions/potentially daunting continuity snarls.

- Where even are they? IIRC, nobody on Earth knew how to dial anywhere but Abydos prior to them cracking the newer cartouche on SG-1.

- On a smaller note, that didn't seem like enough juice for a manual dialing procedure. I guess they pulled something similar in 1969, but I remain dubious about meeting power requirements that way.

Unrelated to the whole 'die prequels die' thing, I think the format's going to frustrate a lot of people: ten minute episodes, (including full credits), are a pretty bad tease.

I definitely feel for you though. It's been way too long since there's been an officially-sanctioned kawoosh, and I'm going to go ahead and watch the whole thing before deciding about this for sure. I'm just frustrated so far.

On the plus side: it was nice to see Connor Trinneer again, (if a little weird, given just how long he played the big bad of SGA), and I do like Young Catherine Langford.
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Simple answer to the continuity problems: it's not OUR SG-1 Earth, but a parallel universe. So we can do anything. Even have the Goa'uld know about and invade Earth decades earlier.
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So is this the series that Dean Devlin (I think?) promised a few years back when he was super salty about how the SG TV universe deviated from his plans for the SG Movie universe, or is this something different entirely?
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Simple answer to the continuity problems: it's not OUR SG-1 Earth, but a parallel universe. So we can do anything.

It can be, but I'm with Teal'c on the subject: "Ours is the only reality of consequence." (Said after he shot his own counterpart dead in Point of View.)
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So, having actually watched it - these come down on the wrong side of amateurish for me. I mean yay for goa'uld voice and kawoosh, but man that ring feels small to me, and everything feels sort of vaguely like it was shot on a green screen. I mean, compared to the loving reproduction that was Star Trek Continues, this felt sort of like a college stage production. And I'm not sure the world is ready for a serialized feature length movie? At least they aren't wasting precious time with recaps and precaps.

(and to Mordax's point: Man, I can't even remember how the ring was powered before the ZPG. That suggests it's time to start a rewatch. Oh no. How terrible.)
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