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February 19, 2018 8:39 PM - Season 47, Episode 23 - Subscribe

A thriller screened at the Berlinale shows the murder of a prostitute, of which the details are identical to Rubin and Karow's newest case. What happens when film becomes reality?

This one delivers on the title! One of the best in a while and overcomes a lot of Berlin's previous shortcomings. Rubin and Karow start to feel like a real team. They may yet make him sympathetic. Rubin's self destructive behavior takes a pause.
Saying anything more feels like a spoiler so I'll leave that to the comments.

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You know...
one thing I keep having to remind myself is that "Tatort" is less a series than it is a "TV Movie" - at least that's how it is advertised. OK. In that sense this was pretty tight. If I hated Karow less I might even go back and re-watch it because I imagine there are a good number of very satisfying things that I did not catch.
The very opening moments, when people filter into the 'theater' their shadows moving across the bottom of the opening sequence, à la "MST3K" is a case in point -and the instances when there's double and treble-ing of the image/action on screen.

Yeah, really, one of the better ones, no doubt.
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I think of Tatort as the equivalent of the old NBC Mystery Movie where it rotated between several different shows in that same 90 minute format. Of course the best weeks had Columbo! Looks like that started around the same time as Tatort.

The beginning cracked me up and I wondered if there was going to be a running commentary. I absolutely loved the ending recursion. I may end up watching it again. Hope it was worth it for you to deal with Karow!

Es lebe der Tod screened at SXSW Film two years ago. I’m surprised that some of these haven’t been brought over by Netflix given that they have other German language shows in translation. This one in particular seems perfect for it.
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