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A long running German cop show where detectives work to solve a crime.


Tatort: Dein Name sei Harbinger  Season 47, Episode 13

Starting with a corpse found in a burned out delivery truck, Berlin duo Nina Rubin and Robert Karow discover similar murders stretching back several years. What links the victims? [more inside]
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Tatort: Gott ist auch nur ein Mensch  Season 47, Episode 11

Münster, on the eve of its once a decade Sculpture Project, finds an uninvited work on display. Unfortunately, it's a corpse. Detective Thiel and Coroner Boerne arrive to examine the crime scene and the art scene. [more inside]
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Tatort: Auge um Auge  Season 47, Episode 10

Dresden! Sieland! Gorniak! Schnabel! A sharp-shooter kills the president of an insurance firm. [more inside]
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Tatort: Zurück ins Licht  Season 1, Episode 1

Lürsen and Stedefreund (Bremen) are presented with a thumb and an abandoned car smeared with blood. [more inside]
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