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A long running German cop show where detectives work to solve a crime.


Tatort: Alles Was Sie Sagen  Season 47, Episode 31

On assignment in Lüneberg to find a suspected war criminal, Inspectors Falke and Grosz of Hamburg fall under investigation. The local chief of police questions them but both tell a different story. Where is the truth? [more inside]
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Tatort: Mitgehangen  Season 47, Episode 27

Cologne! Of course the car in the lake had a corpse in the trunk, says a weary Max Ballauf. The endless routine of corpses has finally gotten to the veteran. Out of character, he viciously pursues the suspect. Freddy Schenk starts to think his partner is after the wrong man. [more inside]
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Tatort: Level X  Season 43, Episode 20

Dresden! Sieland and Gorniak fall down the treacherous, narcissistic hole of live-streaming-Twitch-like social media superstars. One of whom is, very puzzlingly, killed not by the group of bikers he has been harassing but some other, unknown assailant. A lucid look at the role and effect social media has on the lives of young people. (I won’t say if the look was wrongheaded or not, but it was lucid.) come for the high jinx of the Social-media-streaming-Major-Domo (a deliciously loathsome character ) stay for Schnabel as the moral beacon and anchor of the episode. Schnabel. Better than average.
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Tatort: Im toten Winkel  Season 47, Episode 26

An elderly man, after years of caring for his wife who suffered from Alzheimers, smothers her and tries to kill himself. Detectives Lürsen and Stedefreund of Bremen look into the circumstances that drove the man to such a desperate act. [more inside]
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Tatort: Waldlust  Season 47, Episode 25

The Ludwigshafen homicide division goes on a retreat to the Black Forest for a coaching seminar to improve teamwork and communication. After they find a bone in the vegetarian ragout, everything gets a lot more complicated. [more inside]
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Tatort: Borowski und das Land zwischen den Meeren  Season 47, Episode 24

Outside of Kiel on the small island of Suunholt, Borowski investigates a man found drowned in his bathtub. Everyone knows everyone else and no one's talking. The legend of a drowned city haunts the place. [more inside]
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Tatort: Meta  Season 47, Episode 23

A thriller screened at the Berlinale shows the murder of a prostitute, of which the details are identical to Rubin and Karow's newest case. What happens when film becomes reality? [more inside]
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Tatort: Der kalte Fritte  Season 47, Episode 22

Two dead men under a stolen Kandinsky. Dorn and Lessing investigate the murder of a wealthy art collector and intrigue over the location of the new Goethe Museum. Only in Weimar! [more inside]
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Tatort: Tollwut  Season 47, Episode 21

Rabies! How does a man in the Dortmund prison contract rabies when he's been there for four years and had no contact with animals? Who else is infected? Detectives Faber, Böhnisch, and Dalay need to figure it out fast before more people die. Also featuring the return of Markus Graf, presumed murderer of Faber's wife and daughter. [more inside]
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Tatort: Bausünden  Season 47, Episode 19

What's going on in Cologne? A hotel clerk lies dead under her own balcony. Ballauf and Schenk try to figure out her connection to a construction firm bidding for a hotel in Qatar in advance of the 2022 World Cup. What are these engineers hiding? [more inside]
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Tatort: Der Wüste Gobi  Season 47, Episode 15

Exciting Weimar! Namesake of an era, hometown of Goethe (who gets name checked with a pretty great pun), Schiller and the Bauhaus School, Weimar is the revier (beat) of the detectives Dorn and Lessing. Notably, Dorn and Lessing are youngish and married. And their heat is out. In this episode The crochet-ing multiple woman-killing Gotthilf Bigamiluschvatokovtschvili, named 'Gobi' by everyone but Lessing who, tellingly, gets the name on the first try, is in a psychiatric hospital being treated by the talented amateur taxidermist, Professor Doctor Eisler. 'Gobi' breaks out to be with his devoted love, Mimi - harpist of the local chamber orchestra. Things, though, are not quite as they seem. 1. This is possibly the funniest, wittiest episode of Tatort ever filmed. As a non-native speaker they come pretty hard and fast, but if you miss one you don't have long to wait for the next. 2. No, seriously, this episode was hilarious. An absolute out-lier for Tatort. I highly recommend it. [more inside]
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Tatort: Dein Name sei Harbinger  Season 47, Episode 13

Starting with a corpse found in a burned out delivery truck, Berlin duo Nina Rubin and Robert Karow discover similar murders stretching back several years. What links the victims? [more inside]
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Tatort: Gott ist auch nur ein Mensch  Season 47, Episode 11

Münster, on the eve of its once a decade Sculpture Project, finds an uninvited work on display. Unfortunately, it's a corpse. Detective Thiel and Coroner Boerne arrive to examine the crime scene and the art scene. [more inside]
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Tatort: Auge um Auge  Season 47, Episode 10

Dresden! Sieland! Gorniak! Schnabel! A sharp-shooter kills the president of an insurance firm. [more inside]
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Tatort: Zurück ins Licht  Season 1, Episode 1

Lürsen and Stedefreund (Bremen) are presented with a thumb and an abandoned car smeared with blood. [more inside]
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