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February 21, 2018 10:19 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

As Kovacs reconnects with a figure from his past, his tangled history with the Protectorate, the Uprising and Quell plays out in flashbacks.

“The truth is, big brother, I did it all for you,”

Decider: The Weakness of Weapons
Den of Geek: Nora Inu
Vulture: Family Reunion
Bleeding Cool: Nora Inu

It's budget Jon Hamm again!
"We protect people" *5 min* "More kills more vacay!"
Falconer's not wrong about the weakness of weapons, thought I wouldn't put it like that. Michael Westin would say be smart, fight with duct tape.
Will Yun Lee really sells Tak!
Is that the exact same songspire tree that Bancroft has?
VR Interrogation seems really faulty, maybe just handwave it.
So ... Falconer's Acheron virus is nuts, right?
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posted by the man of twists and turns at 2:44 PM on February 25, 2018

Tak was a child soldier in an adult body (offscreen)? And he’s the one with morals?

I don’t get why Rei would want to take a CTAC commando alive when it’s obvious that: they won’t be alone, they’re there to kill everybody, and she has no problem with killing any other time. I mean, other than plot necessity.

Still don’t know why they were called Envoys.
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Probably my favourite episode so far. Really enjoyed the backstory. Was looking forward to a final confrontation with Yeager, but maybe that's still coming.

I thought Rei was trying to take one alive to ambush the others and give the Yakuza a fighting chance. Really loved how she and her brother instantly fell into step with one another.

Interesting how different they are now.
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For some reason this episode had a really different feel than most of the others. Not just because of the number of flashbacks, but it just seemed different. If I didn't know all the episodes were directed by the same person, I would have chalked it up to different direction.
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Still don’t know why they were called Envoys.

They are called Envoys in the show because they were called Envoys in the book. It's a different organization. I'm happy to say more by MeFi Mail.
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In theory this episode was great stuff but it didn't quite gel for me and I found it a bit boring.

There's a similar episode in the third season of Continuum which also involves an extended flashback to the main character's time in the woods with a rebel group, and I couldn't help but mentally compare the two. I guess it comes down to issues with Quell - I don't quite connect with how she's portrayed and I'm not invested in her.
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