The Adventure Zone: Setup - Dust
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Travis takes the wheel as we create our characters for our next mini-arc, The Adventure Zone: Dust! We're playing the supernatural RPG Urban Shadows this time around. Listen in to get a brief primer on the game, our characters, and the unincorporated, Wild West-inspired town of Dry River.
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I'm actually really digging the potential for this one! I also straight-up laughed out loud at the haunted doll. Even when they're trying to play it a little straighter, there's still room for goofs.
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I've wanted a Travis-run Weird West campaign since they first started talking about what comes after Balance and I am so in.
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It seems like they've known what settings they wanted to use since they commissioned the new podcast album art. The only question is whether Justin's campaign is going to be spaceships or Sherlock.
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This episode made me happy in so many different ways. Especially at the end where Travis was like we can talk about the rules as we go along I was like ugh Travis that was such a good call I could kiss you. The funny and weird and delightful thing about this episode is that I feel like I got to know the four of them better as people in this one hour? It seemed to have some kind of different energy than other AZ or Mbmbam episodes, I guess because Travis is not usually in the driver’s seat. It’s not really that people were acting differently from usual but there was something that seemed I dunno a little less performative?
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"Fleshes, Fangs & Furs" is such a good line and does so much to build out the world and its inhabitants.

Ugh, this whole arc is so profoundly my thing that every single episode and line might as well start with "slimepuppy, ..."
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Travis did a great job as DM before in the donor episodes.
He seemed the most interested in DMing out of the three of them. (Though I'm looking forward to Justin's given how much he was not interested in DMing) Also, he's always built these elaborate back stories for his characters in a way that I think would work out very well as DM.

Oh, having them already exist as a team! Yes!
That's exactly what we've all been saying in these threads. We don't need an origin story episode, get straight into the adventure.

I like his rule of, if you say something weird to an NPC they're going to react like you've said something weird to them. I think it forces the funny to come from the characters and their behaviour and it's exactly this rule that encouraged Taako to become Taako really. Like Justin wanted to say or do something and Griffin ensured that happened, which meant it had to become part of Taako's character.

All in all I think a lot of this intro episode bodes well for the arc.
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Time to fancast! Griffin's character is definitely, absolutely a hairier Lin-Manuel Miranda. I'm picturing Kelly Marie Tran for Clint's, and Justin in a sheet with a monocle for Justin's.
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Griffin: Adrian Pasdar, in a grey suit, but with a wig, one werewolf arm and one fang.
Clint: Yunjin Kim, in a black dress, with like, a black cardigan on top and a black scarf and like, lots of dusty black layers.
Justin: Justin in a sheet with a monocle.
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The only question is whether Justin's campaign is going to be spaceships or Sherlock.

My money's on Sherlock. I've watched some of his Polygon videos and he really seems to like mystery-solving games.
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I just realised that Arby McDonald has a single werewolf arm. I wonder if that was an inspiration?
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Clint: I've never really played a magic user before...

Oh Clint. Ohhhhhh Clint...
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Yeah, I laughed out loud at that
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I enjoyed this way more than I expected and am looking forward to next week.
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Time to fancast!

When Griffin explained the decision to make his character Latinx, he said something like "He's idealistic and public-minded, so that made me picture him as...", and I was almost certain the sentence would end "...Jimmy Smits". So that is my fancast, I guess.

Also I am looking forward to this one a lot, and I can't wait to see all these characters interact.
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So far, I like the world of Commitment the best, but I did not fall in love with those characters as readily as I fell in love with the group in Amnesty. I continue to think that Powered by the Apocalypse is a good system for the gang and I hope they stick with it and get better at using it to make fun stories.

Also, if you're going to play a horror wild west game and you're NOT playing Deadlands, you can miss me. And no, I'm not interested in exploring how problematic the depiction of Native Americans are in Deadlands (although honestly, I don't remember it being too terrible, probably something that could be brought up to 2018 standards). Playing cards for initiative! Poker chips for experience!
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Also, if you're going to play a horror wild west game and you're NOT playing Deadlands, you can miss me.

While I love Shane Lacy Hensley's work, and have had HUGE fun running Deadlands Reloaded, I think his systems are too explicitly tactical (in particular being designed for and dependent on having lots of minis on the table) for them to be the best choice for an actual play podcast. They shine because of their ability to play through battles rapidly, spectacularly and flexibly, rather than because they directly facilitate narrative gaming. I say this as someone whose go to system is always Savage Worlds, so that's not a knock against the amazing systems that the Deadlands lineage of games has brought us.
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You're right, of course. Maybe what I really mean is it's impossible to run the ideal Actual Play podcast set in a horror wild west world because Deadlands doesn't lend itself to such things. Also, cool to meet someone else who digs Savage Worlds, I've always been a fan of GURPS-style games like that. I used to have the Savage Worlds rulebook and Deadlands: Reloaded, but lost them both in a house fire.
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Old and Busted: Barry Bluejeans
New Hotness: Flint Chittles
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I’m holding out for the clutch appearance of Boop Strongly.
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My 7 year old co-listener said if he played with them he would be a professional nutcracker named Snick Hackenstein, and with an extemporaneous combo like that I fear we may have over McElroy’ed him.
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Sounds like one very cool baby!
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