Ash vs Evil Dead: Family
February 25, 2018 6:40 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

After scouring the earth of the Deadites last season, Ash opens a hardware store-slash-sex toy emporium in his old hometown and settles in to enjoy the good life. The Evil Dead are back before the end of the cold open. I mean, look, it's in the title.

There's a new showrunner, and AvED feels a bit more reined-in. Personally, I thought the show struck a good balance between slapstick and high tension in its earlier seasons. In general, this episode seems to have turned the volume down a bit. But it's still very funny, and plenty gruesome. Fingers crossed.
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The showdown in the music room made for an excuse for some pretty fun sound design.

The introduction and perfunctory departure of Ash's wife was a waste, especially to how well the plot line with his father was stretched out over a couple of episodes. I could go for more goofy flashback sequences.

Now that Kelly and Pedro are fully fledged demon hunting badasses, Sandy Mandy Brandy will probably fall into that role of the normal person there to say "this is fucked up and you people are weird," plus getting captured by demons and screaming a lot to create tension. That's a good thing because Ash is at his best when reminded to care about something beyond his own hedonistic needs.
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I was really worried by the repeated postponement of the show, and that feeling is persisting.

On the face of it, I like that Kelly has a minion, but it was done so heavy handedly and unnecessarily.

Not examining Ash's relationship with his daughter/ daughter-mother is pretty tone deaf, especially when Ash's relationship with Kelly was handled reasonably "ok."

Ash running a hardware store, Pablo running a fancy food truck/stand, Kelly is a cantankerous bar owner... ...

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