Atlanta: Alligator Man
March 2, 2018 9:29 AM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The arrival of "Robbin' Season" creates a different feel in the city.
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A ton of tracks in this episode (Tunefind), but it wasn't overly layered with music.

The Florida Man bit (and callback) was great, Kat Williams was a perfect fit, but I'm confused by Alfred and Darius - did their unspoken issue become a non-issue when Earn pulled out the golden gun, or was that just something they could both laugh about? I guess it's something for the next episode(s).
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I'm so glad this show is back!
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I loved the Florida Man bit, as well as the gator. I did find the opening scene of the robbery a bit heavy compared to the rest of the episode. I don’t recall a similar tone in the previous season, although I haven’t done a rewatch since it originally aired, so I could be misremembering.
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Florida man was hilarious. That joke has slowly built over the years and it just makes me laugh in so many different ways. I love some of Donald Glover's work, including some of the Childish Gambino stuff, but Darius is probably really what keeps me coming back.
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