Atlanta: Sportin' Waves
March 9, 2018 7:41 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

In the pursuit of makin' money, in various forms; the problems with fans, and problems of authenticity. You know how it is at holiday time.

'Atlanta' Episode 2, 'Sportin' Waves': The Reality of Streaming Services & The Perks of a 'No Chase Policy' (Lauren Alvarez for Billboard)

‘Atlanta’ Season 2, Episode 2: Miraculous Waves (Leigh-Ann Jackson for New York Times)
Earn and Alfred are allergic to winning. Why else would they go to such great lengths to avoid it? Even with cash in hand and opportunities placed at their feet, they each find a way to screw up success.

If he had his druthers, Al would just as soon make drug-dealing his day job, relegating rap to a side gig. Unfortunately, he’s got major supply chain problems these days.
[Not the take-away I got from the episode, but we'll go on ...]

Atlanta Robbin’ Season Recap: Don’t You Worry Your Trappin’ Soul (Bryan Washington for Vulture)
America loves a rapper that finally makes it big, but it also loves crucifying them once they’ve gotten there. So in the second episode of Robbin’ Season, it makes sense that Al gets robbed by everyone: His plug of ten years steals his cash at gunpoint, the “tastemakers” at Not Spotify steal his time, white girls singing acoustic rap covers even strip Al of his story, and it’s a paradoxical reversal for our man. For the entire first season he couldn’t catch a break for being himself, but now that he’s finally “made it,” Al is finding that everyone suddenly needs him to be someone else.
[Yeah, that sounds more like the episode I saw]
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Episode soundtrack on Tunefind, which has the usual episode recap -- "Trappin ain't easy, ya dig? Shout out to all my credit card scammers in the club tonight."
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I enjoyed the callback on the dog plot from last season. Darius saying ridiculous stuff that invariably turns out to be correct is one of my favorite ongoing plots in television right now.

Earn. My dude. If you thought that giving Tracy your money could at all end well then it’s suddenly becoming super-clear to me why you’re always broke.
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If you thought that giving Tracy your money could at all end well then it’s suddenly becoming super-clear to me why you’re always broke.

So true. And simultaneously, hang around people long enough and you think "maybe this will work out". It helps if there's a heaping tablespoon of no-other-opportunities always being served to you.

I like this show. And I don't like this show. I watch this show.
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Bruh I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a funny show, but the way they dive into depression, and especially after what he did to her daughter.
I was like like, "Can I even feel bad for this horse anymore?

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Was this episode an Entourage spoof? Earn is giving me serious E vibes And Darius is definitely Turtle—the overlooked goof who actually displays consistent competence.
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