TV? Television? Show? Netflix? Amazon/Hulu/CBSAllAccess? webexclusive?
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It has not been a problem, just curious as to other MeFi's opinion(s) on what series/seasons-izable audiovisual entertainment might/should/ought be referred to - when it comes to stuff that isn't strictly television and other stuff that precludes tv?

Setting aside movies/films/movingpictures/feelies/simstim.

Proposing that mini-series (is there another term for these?) is something else where there is a pre-defined beginning and ending within one release period. Deliberate "one and done."

I acknowledge that the UK terminology for "series" and "miniseries" has some nuanced differences from the N.American usage. (?)

What do you call stuff(s) that fits under the TV category here on FanFare?
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anything with episodes, where the majority of those episodes are of a consistent runtime, is a TV show, to me. I use "show" and "series" interchangeably when I talk with friends, but i do specify "miniseries" when it's basically a planned one-and-done season, like what would fit under "miniseries" at the Emmy's. I know they admit separate seasons of shows like American Horror Story as different miniseries, but that's an exception and people generally know what I mean when I say a "season" of that. Regardless, I'm ok with "season one" of a miniseries as far as FanFare designations. But it would also be good to tag those with "miniseries" if and when we create those posts.
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In the US, a miniseries is a standalone piece composed of episodes, like Ken Burns documentaries.

My stance is that Hulu/Amazon/Netflix/etc. are TV. It may turn into an anachronism, but even so we still "dial" a phone.
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My stance is that Hulu/Amazon/Netflix/etc. are TV. It may turn into an anachronism

As long as we still have a form of media that at its most basic level consists of transmitted images (and sound) that appear on a screen, the term tele (distant) - vision (sight) will always apply.
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Personally, I would really like it if the service the show is currently available through is identified in the post titles. Like, The Crown - Netflix or some such. There are so many outlets now it seems somewhat non-Metafilter to make folks who aren't familiar with the particular show to resort to Google just to know what network/streaming/pay service/etc. a show is on.
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