Sing Street (2016)
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A boy growing up in Dublin during the 1980s escapes his strained family life by starting a band to impress the mysterious girl he likes.

Rotten Tomatoes, 95%: Sing Street is a feel-good musical with huge heart and irresistible optimism, and its charming cast and hummable tunes help to elevate its familiar plotting.

New York Times: The movie understands how enchantment and disappointment go together, like the A and B sides of a single that won’t leave the turntable.

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Official Trailer.

Drive It Like You Stole It official music video. (Spoilers!)

John Carney can previously be found on Fanfare for Begin Again.
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This is normally the kind of movie I love, but I have been low-key boycotting it because I'm just SOOOOOO TIIIIIIIIRED of movies where boys Do Things and girls are there to be the reason boys Do Things or maybe the reward for boys Doing Things Well, and the things girls do themselves are either nonexistent, or irrelevant, or just there to serve the plot of boys Doing Things.

Anyway, am I right that this is what this movie is? Or will I be pleasantly surprised?
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The young woman in this film is better-written than most and has her own life and shit to deal with, and actually just disappears for a while to take care of it. It's imperfect, especially when our main character decides to become her rescuer, but at least she's an actual character and not a prop. Even then, he doesn't so much save her as go to pursue his own goals and invite her along, as I recall.

The film is mostly worth watching to see the main character go through every single new wave haircut in a single school year.
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Thanks, maxpsparber! I imagine this is a less-objectionable variation on the trope, but I'm just ready for more movies about girls Doing Things.
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I'm just ready for more movies about girls Doing Things

Yes, same. There is a Swedish movie in a somewhat similar vein about a trio of girls starting a punk band that you might enjoy, it's called We Are The Best! and it's wonderful (maybe you've seen it, idk).

But since this is a post about Sing Street: I really liked this movie, a whole lot more than I expected given that I am usually bored by coming-of-agey stories centered on boys. It's not a movie that'll set the world on fire but it's warm, it's funny, and the songs are pretty solid (I was sure that one of them would end up nominated for Best Original Song that year). It's good fluff, I find myself recommending it pretty often.
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Oh, hey! And it's a chance to support the Weinstein Company!
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I was just about to suggest We Are The Best! as well. The two movies would make a great double feature.

But whatever its flaws in terms of gender balance (and make no mistake, this is definitely a movie taken from a teen boy perspective), I found it refreshingly upbeat and non-cynical about the potential of music to build bridges between people who would otherwise be at odds. Its reality feels very heightened in the sense that there's basically no way a scrappy little high school band would have been producing MTV-quality jams, but it felt like the sort of gentle fantasy that comes with the musical genre.

I first watched it last January when I was still semi-catatonic from the 2016 election results and subsequent inauguration, and it revived my spirits wonderfully during those dark days.
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Yeah, unfortunately I didn't realize the Weinstein connection before I watched and posted this. Bleh.

The plot is pretty simple, and the music is probably too good for goofy boys, but I think I had a smile plastered to my face for the last half of the movie. It was a fun experience.
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Sorry for the thread derail, but thanks for the We Are the Best! rec!
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I like this a lot (although yes, Raphina is kind of a MPDG) but I wish it had ended a little stronger. The "Brown Shoes" song felt like a somewhat unearned catharsis (yes, Brother Baxter was a dick about the makeup, but he seemed pretty tolerant of the band and the new wave affectations in general; the masks seemed a bit much) and I'm pretty sure the final scene was the last time anyone saw the main characters alive
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Nthing We Are The Best, based on the graphic novel Never Goodnight by Moodyson's wife Coco.
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There is a fanfare thread for We Are The Best! (should've linked it when I mentioned the movie, sorry graventy).
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Heck no that movie sounds great, and I hadn't heard about it before you mentioned it. Thanks!
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Every time I think of this movie I get the song 'The Riddle of the Model' stuck in my head.
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So are we to think they survive? Watching the ending I get a very ominous feeling that the ferry is a stand in for Charon and they don't make it, but my partner felt differently so now I'm curious.
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