Mystery Science Theater 3000: FUTURE WAR
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"It came from the future to hunt humans." A human taken from the past to be a slave in the future escapes to the present. He's chased by a familiar-looking guy with a really big chin and his dinosaur trackers. Nicely inconspicuous, future guy! He's helped by a street-wise nun and her street gang friends. Thank you for not killing me. In the words of Crow, "You know, I could point out it's not the future and there isn't a war, but you know me. I don't like to complain." This is a particularly laughable movie, although not one of the show's more famous episodes. Episode 1004 is available on YouTube. Premiered April 25, 1999. Nine episodes left.

Episode 1004 FUTURE WAR

Satellite News (there's some interesting comments from a prominent member of the film's staff there) - Mighty Jack's Episode Review - War of the Colossal Fan Guide - TVTropes - It's Just A Show podcast

Mary Jo Pehl's recollections from Future War's entry on the on-line update to the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide, which were written post-cancellation:
There's a moment in this movie which is kind of heartbreaking. There's a brief scene where a television news reporter is doing a live remote stand- up. His cameraman is using a pretend card-board camera; its a taped-up box with a lens apparatus taped to it. That made us sad.
Not since Change of Habit has a single film reawakened my dream of someday becoming a nun. I think that every Catholic girl entertains notions of nundom at least once in her life, even if its only during a commercial break. I considered it a couple of times when I was in second grade, probably because Sister Ann Patrick, my teacher at the time, seemed so darn cool. She could play that "Dominique-nique-nique" song on the guitar. Then I saw Lilies of the Valley: There was glamorous nunhood depicted on the big screen but then there was also Sidney Poitier and he was just so darn...well...grrrrrrrrr! The nun thing never really panned out for me.
When we wrote this last fall, we had no way of knowing that the Sci Fi Channel wouldn't renew MST3K come March. We quipped away in blissful naivete. We wrapped production on April 9, and just as I find myself at a career crossroads, I happen to watch Future War over the weekend. And there's that nun lady in Future War. Maybe someone's trying to tell me something...
Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt
Rotten Tomatoes (Critics N/A, Viewers 17%) - Wikipedia - TVTropes
IMDB (1997, 1.7 stars)
"A run-away human slave from Earth's future escapes to the present."
Directed by Anthony Doublin (then David Eddy). Written by David Huey and Dom Magwili. Starring Daniel Bernhardt, Robert Z'Dar and Travis Brooks Stewart. Forest J. Ackerman is "Park Victim."

IMDB has a great quote section for this movie.

TVTropes recap of the episode notes that the movie was made in 1994, but didn't see release, on video, until 1999, the same year as its MST episode. Yet, IMDB and other sites claim it was released in 1997. Uncredited substitute director David Eddy had said, when they were making it, that they hoped the movie would eventually make it onto MST3K! I guess, be careful what you wish for?

Satellite News' comments from the director also mention that this movie was another salvage operation, where a movie made to be one thing was abandoned by its director and someone else (Eddy) had to step in and try to save it. Poor guy. At least he seems to have a sense of humor about it.

Daddy-O notes that Forest J. Ackerman, famous/infamous sci-fi booster and magazine editor, has a role in this movie. He's been in lots of films. I think he's in another in Season 11. Daddy-O doesn't note this, but he died in 2008.
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Ackerman is in 1103, The Time Travelers.
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This one is a fave.

"Eh, it's more like Jean Claude Gosh Darn."
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Jean Claude Gosh Darn here also had a brief but significant role in the Altered Carbon pilot. Good to see he's still kickboxing his little heart out.
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It's time again for MST Club! Tonight (Thursday)'s episodes, this week again at

In tribute to movies whose titles don't reflect their contents:

7 PM ET/4 PM PT: 311 IT CONQUERED THE WORLD ("The world" is not the same as "bits of some town somewhere.")
9 PM ET/6 PM PT: 1004 FUTURE WAR (As Crow says, it's not the future and there's no war.)
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