Jessica Jones: AKA Freak Accident
March 9, 2018 8:21 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Jessica sets out to find Dr. Kozlov and makes a startling discovery. Trish recruits Malcolm for backup as she visits a figure from her past.

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*Hogarth tries to take her mind off her Bad News Diagnosis by partying with 3 sex workers, but ends up crying alone in the end. Also Cheng tells her to file his suit against Jessica.

*Jessica goes to Kozlov's home address after Malcolm tracks it down, only to find shiva is in progress, after Kozlov's death from a car accident. Searching his study she finds a photo of him and Simpson, but is interrupted by another ex-military former patient, Isaiah, who insists that Kozlov was a good doctor (not a mad scientist) and that Simpson murdered Kozlov after he tried to help him rehab from his super-soldier-drug-fueled homicide spree in S1 of Jessica Jones.

*Jessica gets a visit from Detectives Sunday and Costa, investigating Robert "Whizzer" Coleman's death. When Jessica insists that Oscar the super corroborate her alibi, he denies having seen her at the scene, and later tells her he wants nothing to do with her, because he thinks she's a danger to his son, and could affect his custody battle.

*Jessica goes to Whizzer's apartment and finds his laptop, which has videos he sent to the Trish Talk blog. (Also an off-screen mongoose Emile). She realizes that Trish is the connection between Kozlov & Whizzer's deaths, and sets out to find her.

*Trish meets her mom for brunch in order to get contact info for Maximilian Tatum, a director who raped her when she was 16 and he was 40. In Max's trailer on-set, with a hidden Malcolm recording, she demands Max help her get access to Metro-General or she'll tell everyone what he did, but Max refuses to help, and refuses to take any responsibility for what he did. Later, Malcolm punches Max. Trish cries outside the trailers in the dark, only to discover hoodie-wearing Simpson lurking in the shadows, and she shoots him in the leg.

*After Jessica learns from Griffin of Trish's brunch with Dorothy, she bursts into her apartment (wouldn't be a Marvel show without a "fuck doors!" shot) and finds out about Trish getting in touch with Max. She storms off to the movie set and finds Trish's purse on the ground, and a blood trail leading to the soundstage where Trish has Simpson tied up. He insists that he's no longer a homicidal maniac, that he didn't kill Kozlov or Whizzer, that Kozlov wasn't the one who experimented on Jessica, but that someone else (who he heard arguing with Kozlov) arranged for the murders. An unknown super enters the soundstage, and though Jessica frees Simpson and Trish gives him her gun, the mystery super kills him. (For realsies this time, it seems).
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I dunno, Jessica, you might trust Griffin's scroty-sense, it's totally plausible in this universe.
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Carrie Ann Moss is giving very good train wreck, here.
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I can't tell yet if Griffin is just kind of blah because he's being written in a sort of "Generic Love Interest" way, or it's just the setup for a "curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal" twist later. Time will tell.

I was surprised to see Simpson killed so quickly. But I sure wouldn't have wanted a season-long Simpson/Trish/Griffin love triangle, or a big redemption arc for Simpson for everything he did last season, so, I guess this was for the best.

(Off to watch episode 3 now, will have the post up later this morning.)
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In the tradition of past Marvel seasons/shows, it seems inevitable that Griffin is this season's Big Bad and that Cheng will be a new (powered/unpowered) ally for the Defenders.

That said, I'm super glad to have Terry Chen on the show, he's excellent casting as Prax on The Expanse. But here, he doesn't have to cover up his tattoos!

Griffin's foppish hair and accent are a little too close to Kilgrave's "handsome foreigner" schtick for me, though I have no idea whether it's comic canon or not. It seems like Simpson's death could indeed give us another self-defense training montage this season.

Honestly, I'm kind of sick of writers who go "ooooh, let's have a WOMAN get bad news and go party with hookers after work instead of a MAN! oooo, what if Trish's boyfriend is only sleeping with her to spy on her? Isn't that the kind of thing a female character would do? We're so progressive!" *self-congratulatory high-fives in writer's room*

Haven't finished binging the rest of the eps yet, but I sincerely hope to be proven wrong about this premature criticism I have for the season. I still love Krystin Ritter as Jessica Jones, she completely embodies the character and everyday challenges of being a Regular Joe "powered person."
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This episode has a trope that annoys me -- Trish hearing a noise and immediately being on her guard and investigating. In Brooklyn. On a large set with trailers shortly after filming has ended for the day. And the sound was something metallic being dropped. Must be a dangerous intruder because what else could it possibly be?
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I'm pretty happy though that Simpson wasn't set up as a primary or secondary antagonist for this season. Shame on me for getting fooled by the red herrings in last episode & earlier in this one. Not sure he had to die so soon, but best to close that chapter.

This did have something that I had hoped would be a theme in this season, and that's when Trish's mother implied that Trish was only investigating IGH because she wanted to be the hero Jessica never was. Trish got a taste of superpowers in S1 and now I wouldn't be surprised if she wants more. She's always thought the powers were wasted on Jessica.
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Yeah, I'm still thinking Hellcat.

Does anyone know what the song was during the scene with the sex workers?
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Does anyone know what the song was during the scene with the sex workers?
Lindsay Perry "Dancin' With The Devil"
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I did like the bit of the sex workers sitting around chatting about what's up with them while their trick sleeps it off, like anyone else shooting the breeze during downtime at work.
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But note that they're all talking about how much they love their families, which is basically just rubbing salt in Hogarth's wounds.
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Did anyone else find the plotting around Malcolm & Trish's visit to the set a bit odd? They meet up with Max in what appears to be the middle of the day, then have their scene in Max's trailer... and then they don't bother to meet up after that? Why was Malcolm confronting Max on his own, and why was there NO ONE ELSE in the parking lot with them? And why was Trish still hanging out on the set for what seem to be multiple hours after her encounter? None of this made much sense to me.
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Aw, I wish Simpson had stuck around for another episode or two as Trish's secret protector. His Season 1 struggle was poignant.
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Honestly, I'm kind of sick of writers who go "ooooh, let's have a WOMAN get bad news and go party with hookers after work instead of a MAN!

I mean, she was established as a lesbian in season 1, why would she party with men at all if sex is involved?
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Griffin's top quality is 90s-throwback-Fox-Mulder hair.
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