Bob's Burgers: Y Tu Ga-Ga Tambien
March 12, 2018 11:09 AM - Season 8, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Hey, this show still exists! Mr. Frond invents a new playground sport that (surprisingly) takes Wagstaff Elementary by storm: Ga-Ga Ball. Gene, having no affinity for the game, feels left out as the sport consumes every aspect of school social life. Meanwhile, Linda and Teddy work to put on the best toddler story-time ever.

The show is now back on a weekly schedule for the remainder of this shortened season. Thanks Fox!
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What is it with Fox and schedule shenanigans? I mean, goddamn.
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I believe that this show in particular, given its early time-slot, gets especially screwed by Football.

Anyway, I thought this was sort of a middling episode. The Linda b-plot did almost exactly nothing, and the kids storyline was... ok. Although I like Gene as an accent to the show, I don't think he carries episodes very well, and this was no exception. It was pleasant enough, but very much in the mold of other 'meh' episodes within the past few seasons.
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For posterity:

Store Next Door:

Pest Control Truck
ANT TOO PROUD TO BUG Exterminators

Burger of the Day
Step Into the Okra-tagon Burger
Havarti Like It's 1999 Burger
Smells Like Bean Spirit Burger
Corn This Way Burger
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Louise: "Uh, Rudy, the shrub sculpture has a name.
Gene: "Monkey Booby Man!"
Rudy: "Oh, yeah, I'm starting to see it. There's the monkey's face."
Tina: "And there's the monkey's boobs." [points down below the middle of shrub]
Louise: "I thought those were his boobs?" [points at middle of shrub]
Gene: "Calm down, you're both right."

Mr. Frond: "Those little boys who pretend to be cats, like that's even a game."

Mr. Frond: "Anyone can play, no matter how hopelessly un-athletic they are."
Rudy: "Um, why are you looking at me when you say that?"
Mr. Frond: "I wasn't looking at you, I was looking with you."

Frank (The Wizard of Books story time guy): "Too bad I'm going to miss Friday's reading. I'm going out of town."
Teddy: "So that's it? Story time's cancelled? For a lot of those kids, and some adults who can hear form the biography section, story time is all they have."

Gene: "Forget it, sister. Let them play with their balls. We'll play with our bushes."

Gene: "She'll be back. If I know our Tina, she's feeling pretty silly right about now."
Tina: "I love it. I'm staying. Sorry."
Gene: "Give it a minute."
Tina: "I just keep loving more and more!"
Gene: "Not looking good."
Tina: "I finally feel alive!"

Louise: "Ugh, come on, Gene. We can eat our lunch hunched over a trashcan somewhere, like dad does."
Gene: "That was gonna be my first choice anyway."

Louise: "Is that Rudy?"
Gene: "Yeah. Why does he have Matthew McConaughey's body language?"

Louise: "Oh, my God, you're right! This is amazing! More eighth-graders! Send me more eighth-graders!"

Tina: "Yeah I think people will be pretty happy with my winning phrase: 'You just got banged!' Then I point to my bangs."
Bob: "Mm, Tina, don't say 'banged.'"
Tina: "What's wrong with 'banged'? I banged you, I banged mom. I'm gonna bang everyone in school."
Linda: "Tina, Tina, Tina. No-no. No."

Cat-Boy 1: "I miss playing cats with my friends."
Cat-Boy 2: "Meow?"

Poor Mr. Branca
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Okay so I had no idea that ga-ga was a thing that existed outside of my weird childhood living at a summer camp (not as a camper) in the forest. I never played because it always got kinda...exuberant (read: violent-ish) and I'm surprised that Mr. Frond was so into it.
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Although I like Gene as an accent to the show, I don't think he carries episodes very well

*huffy Gene noise*

May I direct your attention to Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl?
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As a kid I never had the strength to hit somebody at dodgeball but I was absurdly good at dodging. Dodgeball was my favorite gym class and I think I would've adored gaga ball.
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I have taught in schools where "playing cats" was definitely a thing. It's real, folks!
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I have lived with an 8 year old girl who was very into playing cats and it's really annoying, folks!
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May I direct your attention to Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl

Yeah, you're definitely right there. That episode is a gem. I guess there are a number of good Gene centered episodes (I like the two butted goat one, for example), but for some reason he seems like the weakest focal character to me.
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But he's my favorite and he gets all the best lines!
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I totally played cats with two girls when I was in elementary school and I loved this episode and I can't believe people thought it was "meh," fight me
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(Though man, that Matt Damon line really harshed my buzz, unless it was supposed to be some dark irony...)
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The Matt Damon line also harshed my buzz, but my headcanon is that Gene only knows him from the movies and nothing about his public life. Also chances are the voice recordings were done before Damon ran his mouth. And Fox has their heads up their asses about broadcasting schedules.

Gene also does have the best lines. He's so quotable in every episode, but this one has more emotional ones than funny ones.
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The emotional lines are what got me, I think. Gene's not my favorite because he's the funniest*, but because he's the sweetest. (He's 11 and he still likes Mom!)


* Although he is the funniest -- nothing will ever top his Steely Dan joke in Itty Bitty Ditty Committee.
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i'm just sitting here remembering when Frond goes "Mr. Branca, tear down those walls" and Mr. Branca *groans* so perfectly and that's kinda how i've been feeling about work today
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That's probably what they said right before the coup.
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I love Gene unabashedly. And I was a kid who played cat for yeeeeears, so I was particularly fond of that detail.
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