Bob's Burgers: The Hurt Soccer
April 2, 2018 1:03 PM - Season 8, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Bob and Linda forgot that they signed up Louise to play in a youth soccer league, so the family helps her get ready to play in the last game of the season.

Store Next Door

Pest Control Truck

Burger of the Day
The Wasabi with You Burger
The Heirloom Where it Happens Burger (Appears in Linda and Gene's piano bar fantasy and during the end credits.)
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I really really really want a TSA musical now.

this was kind of an amazing episode, like i loved everything about the piano bar that wasn't really serving food, and the kids not getting shutouted was predictable but fun, when the girls on the other team started bickering when they failed one goal.

best Gene quotes:

Louise: "No, you signed me up and now you're bowing to grown-up peer pressure!"
Gene: "What's next, taking fish oil? Paying taxes?"

Gene: "And I'll stay here, 'cause it sounds like where you're going is outside."

Tina: "We could DVR it... if we had one."
Gene: "Should we just push a bunch of buttons on the remote? That's how I saw 9 1/2 Weeks."

Gene: "I'll go get my keyboard."
Linda: "Oh, and get all my dresses and wigs!"
Gene: "But what'll you wear?"

Linda: "This is the best day of my life."
Gene: "I know, but I'm worried someone's gonna get killed. These are very sharp criticisms."
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I'll take a Gene/Linda storyline any day of the week. And I'm oddly fond of Ms. Merkin, who is voiced by Brian Huskey (who also voices Regular Sized Rudy, my favorite non-Belcher), so it was fun to see her fleshed out a bit.
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AV Club recap pointed this out: A few references to Bouchard's old show, Home Videos. Including Bob playing a coach (HJB played Coach McGuirk) , first goalie Mara looking like Melissa (both voiced by Melissa Garkey), and a kid that looks like Brendon Small waiting for a Porta-Potty.
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I cackled with glee at the kid who looked like Brendon. Nobody around me knew what the hell I found so funny, and even when I explained, I was looked at quizzically.
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Once again, I'm struck by their ability to make music with a ridiculous concept work well.
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