Love: Season 3 of Love
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Mickey and Gus continue to explore the limits of their relationship in the final season of "Love."
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I feel like this was Bertie's season. Claudia O'Doherty really stood out to me.
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I would have never guessed a happy ending for a show that broke me so many times over the past two years. But I love that sort of thing so it was kind of fitting that the last time it made me cry was the first time it made me cry happy tears. <3
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Yup, I wondered if Bertie and Chris would end up together while Mickey and Gus split.
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I watched the first two episodes, became really annoyed and skipped to the last episode.

Glad to see they worked everything out and get a happy ending, but wow, it felt like a long hard slog to get there. Which was probably the point, but after it a while it just felt painful to watch.

Bertie was a great character, would be curious to see a series with just her.
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I really liked this show. Along with "You're The Worst" and "Catastrophe" it showed a more realistic view of life, including the pressures put on relationships and friendships by addiction, recovery, anxiety and depression - with not too much sugar-coating.

I thought the episode with Gus's old college girlfriend was superb, as were the two episodes set in South Dakota. I was very happy at the way the series ended.

I also agree Claudia O'Doherty killed it - but I was a little concerned to see how much weight she seems to have lost, and I hope it's not due to the pressure of working in Hollywood.
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Love feels more realistic than You're the Worst. Now don't get me wrong, I love YtW -- I spent the past 48 hours bingeing it (for the first time!) and it's the best TV I've seen in ages. I watched it through and then went back and watched it again because it was so good. I want to go back in time 15ish years and punch Stephen Falk in the face for being such a negative Nancy about his writing back when we used to email each other and scream OMG YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE SOME OF THE GREATEST TV OF THE 2010s. But there's a level of absurdism in YtW that I adore that isn't present in Love. Love is very much rooted in reality and I identify far more with Mickey and Gus and Bertie than I do with Jimmy and Gretchen and Lindsay and Edgar (although they have their moments).

Agreed that I'd love to see a Bertie show. Bertie with a new job in a new apartment and accidentally dating a bunch of new men or something.

Also looking forward to seeing more of Iris Apatow in the future.
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Bertie is so awesome, she needs a spinoff!

I only sort of liked season 1, but just watched season 2 this past weekend and really enjoyed it, season 3 was almost as enjoyable. I waited all season for the other shoe to drop on Mickey's ex showing up. I think the happy ending is fine, but didn't really feel like they earned the reconciliation after the big fight at the end of the South Dakota episode.
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