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March 14, 2018 7:18 PM - Season 3, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Quentin and Alice search the castle for an important object, while Julia and Fen work with an enemy.
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What's the first rule of the underworld? DON'T EAT ANYTHING IN THE UNDERWORLD!
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I think that's just a sign that he's accepted his gig. He chose to give up the metro card, after all.
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I'll admit that if given the opportunity to work in the library for a billion years, I sure as hell would.
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Are Julia's eyes getting lighter/more yellow, or is it just me?
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An interesting turn for Penny. He's been on quite an interesting arc this season. But where does this leave Kady?

I really liked what happened with the fairies. The Queen had been such a dick in Fillory but now she was goddamn heroic.
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Re: the cupcake at the end- eating underworld food binds you to the underworld, but remember that Persephone's mother made a deal with Hades to allow Persephone return to earth for half the year. I wonder if Kady will turn up with some kind of leverage to make a deal for Penny.
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"we shackle people of all races and color here."
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as a person who have worked in libraries for most of my career, Penny is making me so mad when he shelves like that. but also holy shit those librarians are the worst because every librarian I know is awesome.
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finally looked it up because i swear i've seen Skye somewhere and turns out she's the younger Trost sister from the latest season of Dirk Gently
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so i'm assuming Julia will make a deal on behalf of all humans to get that key from the Fairy Realm in exchange for some magic protection that will stop the fairies from being hunted like before, and because fairy deals don't mean anything now, in next season fairies will try to take over the Earth and the magicians will have to fight them with magic and breaking said deal?
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I finally twigged that the Fairy Queen is Mrs Hudson from Elementary, the superb Candis Cayne. Watching her in the Magicians terrify and enthrall makes me wish again she'd been in a dozen more episodes. The fairies are pratchett-esque here.
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Julia: Okay, so Skye's telling the others what happened to her. And that we wanna help them escape. But that can't happen until we get their necklaces off.
Fen: [LAUGHS] There's an emoji of a dagger. Todd was right, this truly is the universal language.
Julia: I need you to focus. I can't find anything on these necklaces, and I need to know how they work.
Fen: Can't you see I'm busy?
Julia: Fen. Look, I know what the fairies did to you in Fillory was fucked up. And I'm sorry about that, but -
Fen: Yeah - [CELL PHONE BEEPS] - That's my response.
Julia: Is that a gif of a crab with a knife? [YT*]
Fen: It's how I feel. And is it "gif" or "jif?"

* Yes, I linked to a version of the original crab with knife video, and not a gif, but like citing source material like that.

Oh yea, and I LOVE THIS SHOW!

(Later on, Julia texts "Something's not right. I'm going to look around. Go on, I'll catch up." To which Fen replies: 🐯🔪🔪👍🏻)
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Fen being super into emojis is a really brilliant gag.
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