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March 21, 2018 7:23 PM - Season 3, Episode 11 - Subscribe

The group strategizes, as Josh and Julia travel to a familiar place and are given a chance to help.
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With all the pop culture references this show loves to have their characters make, how could Josh hear "The Quickening" and not mention Highlander?

I didn't want to believe we'd lost our Penny to the Underworld for good last week, despite the cupcake. I still don't want to believe it -- this Julia-loving Penny seems lacking in the sarcasm department.
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I really like the "new", powered-up Julia. Despite her privileged position and facing extremely difficult situations, she's never acted out of fear, resentment, or desperation: at every point in this season, she's come up with creative, non-violent ways to use her power with empathy and kindness. She's quickly become my favourite character in the series.
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That is all...
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The Josh's bickering with himselfs was pretty funny. Although rather too much like my own ah, discussions that just a bit disturbing.
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Such adorable radish smugglers!

Time travel between timelines is ... I kinda want to make sense of it, and figure out the rules, but I'm very dubious about the payoff. I mean, we have a Penny and Marina from a previous timeline, and, uh... gee, hope that doesn't break things?

I'd thought the library existed outside of the timeloops, because someone had talked about the major protagonists getting reshelved repeatedly, dead to alive, and the lead librarian knew the protagonists many times from the previous loops. (I imagine the writers have thought about this.)

What if it is about Josh getting a Kangol hat and changing everything?

I like the exploration of Quentin as the Beast.

I hope the party demon isn't in league with the horrible thing Quentin saw in the future.
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Maybe the library is independent of the time loops in the sense that they and their books get migrated to the new timeline?
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Wouldn't the library work like Dean Fogg's memories? They remember all the timelines they've experienced, but don't know about future timelines.
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Yeah those two explanations seem logical. The librarians probably knew to hide from the Beast and other dangers after experiencing them the first few times of the loop.

I love that by radish smugglers they meant the rabbits smuggle things in radishes. Perfect.

I want to try carrot wine but probably wouldn't be surprised if it's terrible.
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I noticed that on the radish smugglers' boat there was an open globe filled with carrots. Their attention to detail is so entertaining.
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When Quentin and Julia played Fillory as children, he always pretended to be Martin.
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There has to be a "Not Penny's Boat" gag in here somewhere, but I can't find it.

One thing I kept thinking this whole episode is that this show really gets a lot of mileage out of (what I presume is) a fairly modest budget.
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