The Simpsons: Homer is Where the Art Isn't
March 18, 2018 8:19 PM - Season 29, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Homer is accused of stealing a million-dollar painting and only a detective from the 1970s can prove his innocence or guilt.
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Just seeing "Season 29" makes me feel so, so tired.
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I might seek this one out, because I kinda like Banacek.

Also, I was trying to think of what episode this plot summary reminded me of, and it turns out I was thinking of (at least) two: Homer the Vigilante, in which Homer tries to stop a cat burglar from stealing the world's largest cubic zirconium, and Lost Our Lisa, in which Homer and Lisa break into a museum and discover an Egyptian music box. Lost Our Lisa is from season 9, which was both twenty years ago and one season after the Zombie Simpsons dude thinks things started going downhill.

Also also, there are two twentysomething dudes that work at the library, and their favorite Star Wars movies are the prequels.
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That ... was a thing. The funniest bit was the scenes in the credits, and even those weren't that funny. The rest felt like it could have come from any sitcom that was otherwise coasting on fumes, and opted to go for a Tribute to Movie Tropes episode.
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Yeah, it was pretty by-the-numbers, but I thought they should get credit for the idea and it wasn't terrible. Perhaps it's because it was a parody that I didn't need it to be very Simpsony.
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I'm still an easy mark for a good Mr. Burns gag such as him pulling his gun to threaten Manacek too early in the conversation, and Smithers had to tell him "Not yet".
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makes me feel so, so tired.

I was nine when I saw the first episode of the Simpsons on 'The Tracy Ullman Show' with my six yo sister at Uncle Benny's house in the living room while the adults were having some wine and talking after dinner in the dining room in W. Van.

Come to think of it, there was a local squirrel that Uncle Benny had befriended/ bribed/ conditioned that we plied with peanuts earlier, that stuck around too.

" Relax! What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind."

Me: oh jebusgod, what a moron. What a lovable loving moron.
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I like you, Banacek.

I liked this episode a lot. Maybe it's because the Simpsons hasn't been doing the genre-bending parody episodes as frequently as either they used to or as they could be, given their age.

(and, of previous plots it reminded me of, surprised I'm the first who thought of Chief Wiggum, P.I. from the Spinoff Showcase episode)

"Poke is just okay. Poke is just okay. Poke is just okay."
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