The Simpsons: The Girl Code
January 8, 2016 6:19 AM - Season 27, Episode 10 - Subscribe

In the A plot Lisa takes a coding class and then collaborates on an app to warn people of the consequences of posting things online. In the B plot, Marge posts something online which gets Homer fired, and so he returns to the only job he's ever understood, (No, not The Bowling Alley) being a dishwasher in a greek restaurant.
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We don't have regular simpsons threads here, but I wanted to discuss this one.

It had some good jokes in it, which is a rarity in modern simpsons, but the characters felt like really gross unhelpful caricatures.
The Coding teacher with coloured hair and tattoos is called Quinn, and is shown giving Lisa special treatment, specifically because she is a girl, insulting the other students for being male and then hiring comic book guy specifically so they could berate him.
Oh, and also insisting that to be a successful coder Lisa had to look like them (so colouring her hair etc.)

Like, I see what they were going for (I think, I hope) but the way they approached it just seemed offensively ham handed.
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"If Dad was a true Greek, he'd quit his job and live off the welfare system, never paying a cent of taxes in his life."-Bart

I liked Stephen Merchant as Conrad though, it gave me Portal flashbacks.
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It was a really weird thing how racist and judgemental it was towards the Greeks but then the end is just joyful dancing for Homer. Like, ok, belittle them all to hell but then express the joy they take in dancing. Weird.

Also, fuck the girl-coder noise. It was South Park lite. Pretending to be satire when in reality it's a reaffirmation of what gators really believe.

The more I think about it there was absolutely nothing redeeming in this episode at all. It was a hateful angry story hid behind a thin veneer of "good intentions."
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