Forever: The Pugilist Break
October 14, 2014 8:17 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

When a former junkie - now a community activist - turns up dead from an apparent overdose, Henry and Jo start the search for his murderer.
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Another week with no dead Henry.

Still, not a bad episode overall. I liked Henry's heroin buy, his formality was pretty cute. Henry not having a cell phone makes sense, either as a 'look how old & old-fashioned he is' character trait, or as a 'one less thing I have to replace when my clothes disappear' choice.

I liked the dinner with the trio -- I really hope they let Martinez in on the secret before this show gets cancelled though, that scene just made me want a post-reveal Jo & Abe scene even more.
posted by oh yeah! at 5:33 AM on October 15, 2014

I'm just sort of surprised that I continue to like this show. I expected it to be horrible, and it's not! And I don't think it's my lowered expectations! It's a solid police proceduralish supernaturalish thing!

The teased death with the shooter being run over was nice, but I do want more dead Henry.

I missed a couple episodes in the middle - but I got the impression from the pilot that Abe might be Henry's son? Did they ever specify how they know each other, besides just being 'old friends'?
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I believe it's in the pilot. Abe is a child liberated from the camps during WW II. Henry is a soldier and his wife (or maybe his just his gf at the time) is a nurse who knows his secret. She is the one who brings up the idea of adopting Abe. This is why Abe is the only person alive who knows Henry's secret.
posted by miss-lapin at 10:42 AM on October 15, 2014

What happened to Henry's mysterious male stalker who knows his secret? Are the episodes being aired out of order for some reason.
posted by Lil Bit of Pepper at 12:11 PM on October 15, 2014

You mean Adam? He's been noticeably absent from the last couple episodes. I'm guessing they want to milk the mystery so they aren't pushing it....however, they need to get on with it as it's a compelling part of the drama and murder of the week only goes so far.
posted by miss-lapin at 1:36 PM on October 15, 2014

The title of the show references the guy's immortality and the last two episodes have basically ignored it and just run as a standard coroner procedural.
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