Forever: The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths
October 21, 2014 8:52 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Henry and Jo investigate homicides that mimic those of Jack the Ripper and the Black Dahlia murder.
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I was so hopeful that the detective would find him. I thought this was a surprisingly strong episode, both in the son and husband being screwed up (as contrasted to Abe and Henry), the sexy-scariness of The Frenchman woman (who fought back!) and that Henry while dying fought through to prevent her death, with the actor showing a sort of resigned desperation to power through the pain of imminent death to help, and then his brief terror at being found while dying, and the loathing for Adam's killing - when he clutched at his throat. Ioan G has had terrible films, but this reminded me of some of his best in Hornblower and why I keep watching because he has a very expressive restrained face that works so well for some stories, and Forever seems to be hitting a really good stride.
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Good episode overall - finally got a new death scene for Henry (though, their visual effects dept need to work on their water CGI or green-screening or something, that wide shot of Henry in the river looked a little goofy), and the return of Adam.

Really wish the writers had worked harder on the dialogue in that scene between Henry & the parents, that was terrible. Saying the father is to blame for the son's obsession with violence & murder, but that the reason he kills women is because the mother must have done something traumatic to him? Ugh. (I'm sure that statistically, serial killers do not come from happy homes, but that line came off like someone telling a mother that their kid is autistic because she didn't hug them enough.)
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One thing that occurred to me this episode. The temperature of the water alone could kill Henry in Winter. There should be some rule that he surfaces at the nearest water source above 70 degrees so he won't get freakin hypothermia.

Yes, over all a strong episode. And was so excited for Adam to re-appear in person even!
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Yes, if he dies in winter he's going to end up in a perpetual loop of resurrection, death from drowning/hypothermia before he can reach the shore, resurrection back in the deeps again. Abe should keep a little boat strategically docked for winter rescues.
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I really want the detective to learn his secret already but I guess they're probably saving that for a season finale cliffhanger or something similarly annoying.
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