Tatort: Level X
March 26, 2018 8:32 AM - Season 43, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Dresden! Sieland and Gorniak fall down the treacherous, narcissistic hole of live-streaming-Twitch-like social media superstars. One of whom is, very puzzlingly, killed not by the group of bikers he has been harassing but some other, unknown assailant. A lucid look at the role and effect social media has on the lives of young people. (I won’t say if the look was wrongheaded or not, but it was lucid.) come for the high jinx of the Social-media-streaming-Major-Domo (a deliciously loathsome character ) stay for Schnabel as the moral beacon and anchor of the episode. Schnabel. Better than average.
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This was my first exposure to Schnabel so I was very surprised to later find out he's, ah, less than stellar in that regard. The offices cracked me up, so easy to rip on new media design aesthetics but it's so true. Lucid's a good description. Hard to tell how accurate it was since I'm well out of the livestreaming and YouTube star audience demographic. Crazy kids and their drones out there making money and getting manipulated by olds!

(great tags btw)
posted by mrcrow at 7:49 PM on March 26, 2018

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