My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 399: Stink Bar
March 26, 2018 11:33 AM - Subscribe

In this episode we go searching for Clues with our magic dog, to help solve a case that's been cold for years. The mail never fails, nor does our crime-busting expertise. Suggested talking points: New Steve, Toys 4 Us, Dirty Dorothy, Silent Driving, The Prankroscope, Time Crimes
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i had to go back and reliete. to justin say “i’ve got it” like five times
posted by JimBennett at 6:25 PM on March 26, 2018 [1 favorite]

There were a couple funny bits but my favorite was Griffin calling the whole episode a time crime. That cracked me up. For some reason them acknowledging when something isn’t funny is very funny to me
posted by bleep at 10:11 PM on March 26, 2018 [2 favorites]

They may all be terrible at doing Donald Duck, but they have got Blue's voice down.
posted by meese at 8:41 AM on March 27, 2018 [1 favorite]

"Hot Sharts Part Trois"

Thank you Justin
posted by jason_steakums at 11:56 AM on March 27, 2018 [1 favorite]

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