Brewster's Millions (1985)
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A minor league baseball player has to spend thirty million dollars in thirty days in order to inherit three hundred million dollars. There's a catch however: he's not allowed to tell anyone about the deal.

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a pro
Brewster’s Millions still works brilliantly as a comedy today, and is well on its way to becoming a timeless classic, a morality tale wrapped up in a whole lot of mirth. MyReviewer
a con
If the system of rewards and punishments in this universe worked the way it should, Brewster's Millions would become only a moderate success. It's not awful. It's a perfunctory comedy, a refurbished used car in which this most seriously gifted of contemporary comic performers revs himself down to the speed of a vehicle that moves at about one-third of the rate of his intelligence. New York Times

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This was a favorite of mine as a kid that I haven't seen in years and I'm hoping it holds up.
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Heller and Salvino are both just a couple of overgrown wharf rats, and you can quote me on that!
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Yeah, I remember it being a lot of fun, but I haven't seen it in 30 years.
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The two things I remember most about this movie: the baseball field with a train track running through the outfield, and the appearance of Torchy's Bar, which puts Brewster's Millions in the same universe as 48 Hours (both movies are from the same director).
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I just remember that he uses the Inverted Jenny stamp to mail something.
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I watched this with my 10yo son, after I mentioned the premise to him and he was intrigued. He quite liked it, it's fast-paced and full of energy, he finds a lot of old movies too slow.

I thought it held up better than expected, much better than its dismal 38% on RottenTomatoes suggests. Even though he's toned down from the stage, Richard Pryor gives it a manic nervous energy and John Candy's nearly as good.

It has a ton of memorable moments like the train in the outfield, and the Committee to Ban Contact Sports.
You guys ain't messin' around with baseball, are you?
No, no. Boxing, football, ice hockey... the truly barbaric sports
Marilyn, this is the room I could die in.
Thank God, I'm so glad. OK boys, take it all back!
Also like the way the hotelier and tailors instantly turn from fawning to contempt when they think Brewster is broke. The movie has a lot of sly, wry observations.
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