OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes: Let's Be Friends
April 7, 2018 6:56 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Picking up immediately after the first episode, K.O. decides to get a job working at Mr. Gar's Bodega and learn to become a hero. But he takes bad advice from a Shannon and decides to go beat up Lord Boxmore personally.

Enid: "When a dumb nerd and a dumb factory love each other very much, they waste a lot of time and money making dumb robots to attack the plaza." That nerd is Lord Boxmore, who we meet in this episode, and who helpfully explains his whole operation to Darrell's head... before melting it down.

Darrel's head, melting: "I deserve this."
New Darrell: "Yeah, I deserved that."

Kind of like the Venture Bros. in early seasons, Boxmore's robots are immortal in a sense. They each have a "hive mind," and all of each model of robot shares a personality. If one is destroyed it doesn't matter much, another one will roll off the assembly line to replace it, with all its memories and personality, functionally part of the same being. Maybe "extra-mortal" is a better term, they can die many times and still keep going.

We also meet our first Shannon, who gets about ten seconds of looking cool before she draws a big messy oval of lipstick around her mouth. Shannon and Darrell turn out to be fun characters later on, but right now they're mostly general antagonists.

Bodega products: Turb-Os, Mega Shades, pickles.

We find out the brocolli guy (linked with Potato, who also appears) is named Colewort.

K.O., wearing a box with a robot face on it: "Beep boop boop morp boop blorp!"
Ernesto, to another Ernesto: "Should we be offended by that?"

Lord Boxman gets a nice bit here where, after capturing K.O., he mocks him and tells him that Enid and Rad will beat him up for wasting their time and never want to play with him again. That's Lord Boxman for you: taunting a little boy just for the sake of evil. During his speech, a "#1 Dad" mug is clearly visible on his jet-powered desk.

In one of the scenes where Rad is rushing to save K.O., he breaks through a large blue robot. That is a Jethro, the simplest and weakest of the robots. We also meet some Ernestos, who mostly do office work, and are round and one-eyed.
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