OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes: You're Everybody's Sidekick
April 7, 2018 10:17 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

On K.O.'s first day working at Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega, he runs directly again Enid's gigantic customer service apathy. He decides to devote himself to helping everyone so much that Enid can't help but see how good it feels. Enid (whispering): "You'll never melt my icy heart!"

Supervising Animation Director Kimson Albert has a joke nickname in the credits to each episode. In episode one, it was "Transformation Sequence." In episode two it was "Lord Butthead." Here, it's "Icy Heart."

Joe Cuppa, Rad's favorite stand-up comedian and subject of an episode a bit down the line, has a cameo at the start of this one.

We get our first solid look at Enid's customer service style, which is: close the line if it gets busy, and ninja-out if someone asks to pay in pennies. How does Gar's make a profit like this?

K.O.: "Enid, I am going to help you!"
Enid: "Excuse me?"
K.O.: "As an official helper of Gar's Bodega, I am going to help you see how great it is to help people!"
Enid: (pause, then, whispered:) "You'll never melt my icy heart!"

Enid's voice is Ashley Burch!

Nick Army & Joff the Shaolin Monk show up again. They're frequent cameos, and go to the plaza prom together later.

This is the first appearance of Mr. Logic, the only robot business-owner in the plaza. He has a history with Lord Boxmore that we'll discover later.

We get a more solid introduction to frame store workers Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton, who also get an episode to themselves later. Brandon's voice sounds a bit like "Gary" 21 from Venture Bros, who was voiced by Doc Hammer, but the voice credit here is David Herman, who also voices Mr. Gar. While we're talking about voices, K.O.'s mom Carol is voiced by Kate Flannery, who does Sadie's mom Barbera Miller on Steven Universe.

The three teens hanging out in back are Drupe, Red Action and Gregg. Drupe is the strawberry girl. Red Action gets an episode later, and also shows up to race Rad's Van.

Something is... living in Red Action's hair. She seems angry when K.O. notices it.... It turns out to be a component of her bad haircut, somehow? Mr. Logic's re-do somehow gives her hair back that was shaved off before.

The Facebook clone in K.O.'s world is explicitly called "socialMedia." Red Action's handle is "R3D_4CT10N", and her status is "Stuff is dumb."
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