Barry: Chapter One: Make Your Mark
April 8, 2018 1:08 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In the premiere of this dark comedy about a former marine working as a hit man in the Midwest, Barry is sent to L.A. to kill an aspiring actor who's having an affair with a Chechen mob boss's wife, but winds up getting involved in the local theater scene himself.
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The 'suggest-a-show' function of Fanfare was being weirdly glitchy about finding the imdb link for "Barry" before the premiere, and only finally found it yesterday. Has anyone else been watching this? The whole 'hitman with a heart of gold' or 'hitman has a crisis of conscience' trope has been done before, but, I liked Hader's monologue at the end, and the show has a good ensemble. I was so happy to see D'Arcy Carden onscreen, even if only as a minor member of the acting class, as the long wait for the return of The Good Place continues.
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I'm really liking the show so far! I'm fully on board for seeing Hader's dramatic chops, you get little flashes of it here and there in Documentary Now and I feel like there's a lot more there to see. And luckily this show also plays well to his comedic strengths.
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I'm enjoying this more than any HBO series I've seen in years, but I don't know why so many of the initial reviews hedged its designation as a comedy. The character of Barry is depressed, but the show Barry is hilarious.
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It was a good first episode, and funnier than I expected. I, too, was excited to see D'Arcy.
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Lolly from Hindsight!!!!!!!!!!
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