Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Puzzle Master
April 9, 2018 6:21 AM - Season 5, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Official Fox synopsis: "Jake surprises Amy with an investigation into a string of arsons connected to her favorite crossword puzzle author, Vin Stermley (guest star David Fumero). Meanwhile, Gina helps Holt jazz up his Commissioner candidate speech, and Terry, Rosa, Hitchcock and Scully argue over who is most deserving of the new detective car."

(Not mentioned in the official synopsis: I'm also looking forward to more of Alison Tolman as Capt. Crawford, assuming the commissioner campaign keeps going for the next several episodes. She's great in general, and in just the brief bits we got in tonight's episode she's doing a fine job at playing the polar opposite of Det. Molly Solverson.)
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ha! I love that Charles was even more jealous of Vin as Jake's friend!
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So, Amy's really married to that dude.

The frozen paper trick was genius.

I did enjoy Crawford. Terrifying yet cute yet badass. I loved Holt's immediate outing of the situation.
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This was a bit of a letdown after "The Box" last week, my all-time favorite episode, but it was still fun.

Real-life puzzle master Will Shortz played Sam, the sad suspect who Jake watched call his mom.

I loved Alison Tolman and I loved how Holt did the right thing rather than enjoy the benefits of the committee's misogyny. I'm a bit worried for Holt that she's the writers' escape clause that lets them not make Holt the new commissioner, though.

The whole car thing just seemed like "let's give the other detectives something to do" which made it seem weird -- there's a new detective car and Jake and Amy are completely uninterested in competing for it? Even Charles wasn't involved, you would think he'd be right there letting everyone know how much Jake deserved the car.

"Yes, there are two candidates named John Kelly." "How are those not the same person?"
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In less than ten seconds we learn two things:
  • Hitchcock and Scully ride to work together on a vespa, and
  • Hitchcock doesn't know Scully's first name.

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Real-life puzzle master Will Shortz played Sam, the sad suspect who Jake watched call his mom.

I knew he looked familiar! I did think it was odd that they'd previously established the existence of Will Shortz in-universe via Amy's fangirling, but didn't even mention him for the whole episode. Sneaky-sneaky.
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The puzzle is Dangerous Liasons, right? I wasn’t sure if I missed a letter.
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I really liked the crossword premise but what bothered me was;
Jake got to meet his hero, author Jimmy Brogan and spend time together (and be disappointed.)
Captain Holt (H-O-L-T) got to be starstruck by John William Weichselbraun (and be disappointed.)
Terry got to meet his hero, author DC Parlov (and be disappointed.)
Amy gets to meet her hero and it becomes a jealous Jake episode. I would have liked more Amy in this one.

I also like Captain Crawford much better as an ongoing departmental rival than Madeline Wuntch (he was too mean about her.)

So, Amy's really married to that dude.
I did not know that and find it really cute and greatly mollifying. But I still would have liked it to be more about her getting to solve a cool puzzle with her hero as her last case as a detective than Jake figuring it out after ruining the plan in the first place. That bozo should have been on suspension.

Turn your badge & gun, along with form 452_J, to the inventory clerk!
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Oh good, someone else started on the "Why was the Amy episode about Jake?" theme so I didn't have to.
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Has the production budget been torpedoed? This episode looks like it was shot on a low end digital SLR.
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amy called something a "cool puzz-hang" and i stabbed myself in the ears and then died and am now posting from the astral plane
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