Silicon Valley: Chief Operating Officer
April 9, 2018 8:41 AM - Season 5, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Encouraged by Jared to strike up a friendship with Dana, a like-minded CEO, Richard instead finds himself charmed by Dana's COO, who challenges his loyalty to Gilfoyle; Dinesh's impulse purchase forces him to search for a new roommate.
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Nice use of 'You Suffer' by Napalm Death... great to hear some Brummie grindcore
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Jared tucking himself in with his sleep mask and saying, "Sweet dreams!" then chuckling to himself something like, "there's always a first time!" I could use a super cut of all the Jared allusions to his horrible past.
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I LOL'd pretty hard when Jared said about Dana "you're just standing there, like a cool cowboy."
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Jared getting the win with the fridge people was lovely to see. He started off as such a sharp character and devolved as the show has progressed. It would be nice to see him regain some of his business acumen (without losing his deeply damaging family history and torn psyche).

The best part about the Dana storyline is that it didn't drag out (although I'm sure he could still come back and sue Pied Piper for breach of promise or something).
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Nice use of 'You Suffer yt ' by Napalm Death... great to hear some Brummie grindcore

I had a moment of "Hey, was that-" before they named it.
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The show had a couple of "that guy!" in the cast:
* Jeff, the mole, is played by Armen Weitzman, from "Another Period" and "Love" and others.
* Pendragon noticed this: Dana, the CEO, is played by Dan Mintz, who voices Tina on "Bob's Burgers."

I like Jared's win, and really hate Guilfoyle's computer speaker.
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I guess it's good the show cut ties with T. J. Miller. He's been arrested for calling in a fake bomb threat.
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Oddly, I noticed last night that when I think of the show "Silicon Valley," his face pops into mind.

I have to say, as someone who has worked in Internet and Internet-adjacent jobs for 20 years, Dana's "oh, huh...yeah." affect sent a chill down my spine.
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I thought this episode was really good. Tight plotting, lots going on, it all hung together, good laughs, interesting new characters. It's hard to believe they got this much into half an hour.
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Jin Yang makes such a good heel. I already enjoy him in that role far more than I ever did Erlich.
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Did Gilfoyle sitting on the floor among the detritus of his bug hunting remind anyone else of Gene Hackman at the end of The Conversation?
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I thought it was charming that the fridge company was mortified that their fridges were sending all the audio to the cloud. Would that all companies were so afraid of the rule of law.
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I love how they structured it like a seduction, like Richard was 'the other woman.'
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