Bob's Burgers: Cheer Up Sleepy Gene
April 9, 2018 11:45 AM - Season 8, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Gene goes to his first sleepover. Bob and Linda bets on who snores more.

I was surprised at how much Gene is attached to his mom, but it's very apparent on hindsight (like how they both wanted to do a piano bar last episode). I wanted the night to go better than Gene expected, but I guess then it wouldn't be as good of an episode. However I also wanted Alex to call out his mom in the morning about her midnight ice cream snack.

Alex's Alpine Oasis for Boys was hilarious.

Bob and Linda being each other's horribly loud whitenoise machines are super adorable.

Store Next Door

Pest Control Truck

Burger of the Day
Judy Garlic Burger (comes with garlic tapanade)
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Teddy makes me so sad....
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today's internet rabbit hole:

- the joke about Jennifer Lopez and the movie with Sean Connery is that Alex was really thinking of her video for Waiting for Tonight ("dancing around the lasers"), but agreed with Gene that he meant Entrapment, which starred Sean Connery and actually Catherine Zeta Jones, who sneaked through lasers like the boys are doing with the stairs, instead of actually dancing.
- Trying to look up what J-Lo's been up to, I did't know IMDB also lists music videos in an artist's filmography, so there's a ton of music videos to parse through to find her films.
- She has never been in anything with Sean Connery.
- The comments ("Admin, he's doing it sideways!", "FROM IVY, OUT MIDDLE, AND THROUGH OUR CONNECTOR") in that laser dance video from Ocean's Twelve are a reference to this Counter-Strike video where people are complaining about a player exploiting a bug in the game to overwhelmingly defeat everyone on the other team. The music of that video is La Caution - Thé à la Menthe, same as the one used in that scene of Ocean's Twelve.
- Ocean's Twelve starred George Clooney, who was in Out of Sight with Jennifer Lopez, which is one of her best movies, completing my circle today. Also, the lasers.
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I really enjoyed the "Drastic Measures" gag from the opening credits. The rest of the episode was good, too, but that was a splendidly stupid pun.
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