OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes: Jethro's All Yours
April 10, 2018 5:44 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The plaza is under attack! Oh, it's only Jethro, the simplest and weakest of Boxman's robots. At least until the advent of MEGA-JETHRO....

First, a correction. In previous posts, I got the name of Lord Boxman confused with that of his factory, BoxMore. Boxman is the character (and it's also the last name of the robots, it seems, as in, Darrell Boxman), BoxMore is the factory. There, got that cleared up.

The opening to this episode establishes that Rad, Enid and K.O. have settled in well together, having themselves a little hoedown! Sadly, K.O.'s improvised music skills are not up to those of his teenaged co-workers.

When the alert sounds, three characters are visible in the bodega. Colwort (the brocolli person), Joe Cuppa (his episode comes along in a little bit) and Mr. Logic (we met him last time, and he gets a feature episode late in the season).

I'm not sure why, but Jethro's bold repeated declaration of "I am Jethro!" cracks me up. Jethro may be the weakest of the Boxmore robots, but he's still proud of his identity! One feels a bit sorry for him, all the Jethros in the episode wear the same expression, never changing it. How does Jethro feel about being a weak robot?

Bigger Jethro crushes the car belonging to the mother of Brandon (the bear guy). Brandon is best friends with A Real Magic Skeleton (that's his name), and has a shirt that the writing on the front of changes each scene, and usually echoes his emotions.

During Rad and K.O.'s "argument" ("Are not!" "Are too!") a girl mummy reaches through for a soda. That's Miss Mummy. She's level 5, one of the more powerful plaza patrons, and apparently lives in the sewers? tunnels? beneath the bodega. Visible in the parking lot right after are A Real Magic Skeleton himself, Joff, Army Nick, Punchy Judy and Crinkly Wrinkly. The "birds" that fly off are pteroactyls.

Overall this is a pretty light episode. Jethro's not super important to continuity, at least that we know of to date.
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Jethro is very much the embodiment of the goomba and the met(ool); they are the weakest ememy of the game that ends up being barely a speed bump for our valiant hero. So there's humor inherent in a giant version of the enemy becoming a more serious threat and/or exacting vengence for the violence done to their smaller bretheren. In fact both of the aforementioned speed bump enemies have shown up as bigger bosses in one form or another.
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