Black Lightning: The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain
April 10, 2018 8:01 PM - Season 1, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Tobias returns to Freehand, tasked to capture Black Lightning alive. Khalil returns to Freeland with a whole new look.
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Before the season finale, exposition is the unfortunate star of Black Lightning

Hah, so true. Perhaps because of this, or maybe because I was not fully awake and engaged in the show, I was unimpressed by this episode. And if BL wanted to take down Tobias, HIS HEAD WAS EXPOSED. FULLY EXPOSED.

Just sayin'.

Still, the show is more interesting than many other shows, and I'm happy that Jennifer gets to live out the role of "I don't want these powers, I just want to be normal." But it looks like that might change here, where her powers mean that she can help instead of hurt. Yaah for the cleric/ healer on the team!

Random thought - it would be interesting to see a bunch of kids come back with super powers, and what that means for the community. When they're not from a wealthy, connected family, how do they use their powers? Are metahumans just part of society, fitting in to different degrees, or are they shunned as dangerous "others"? I know this territory was covered in X-Men (and probably other universes, too), but I think that could all play out differently in Freeland.
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It's about time somebody figured out that all you have to do to make Thunder vulnerable is make her breathe. I mean how long can she hold her breath during a fight or other strenuous physical activity?
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Yeah, Jennifer should join everyone else in the medical profession, she won't even need those paddles!

The ah, "spider" thing sure seemed like some kind of sex game Jeff and Lynn must have played before. I get the feeling the shocking is kinda like a vibrator too. Hubba hubba! Kind of out of nowhere there, but still!

Hey, it's reasonable for Lynn to want to research the gene, even if she doesn't "shut it off."
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Yeah I can buy that she just wants to research it, but Jennifer was saying how it a cure which I can understand Jefferson being upset about.
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And, following on the "are they playing with this?" question I asked about whether they were referencing respectability politics, this also closely tracks with a lot of discussions/controversy about "curing" people of cultural/racial traits. I'm more familiar with it from the standpoint of the deaf community's attitudes about mainstreaming and cochlear implants, but in the black community I assume this would more closely jibe with passing. I guess if we see Jefferson reading Larsen we'll know it's intentional :)
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