Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)
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Years after the strange drowning death of her father, Tina Shepard (Lar Park Lincoln) returns to the site of his demise, Crystal Lake. Her developing psychic powers were responsible for ending his life, leaving Tina riddled with guilt as an adult. While deceitful Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser) tries to manipulate her abilities for his own ends, both physician and patient are in for a shock when Tina's powers unwittingly free camper-killer Jason Voorhees from his watery slumber.

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I'm actually watching this now (I meant to last night, but somehow ended up watching Cockfighter, which is something, certainly), and won't live blog but wow 1988 was a bad year for fashion. Oh and I appreciate that they jump right in with the alcoholism, domestic violence, telekinesis and horrifying Reagan era views on mental illness. Wow.
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This isn't the worst of the Paramount series, but it's always been my least favorite...To me it's always just been this unnecessary lump of Whatever in between the intentional comedy of Jason Lives and the unintentional comedy of my God, the very idea of Jason Takes Manhattan.

It's funny to me that superfans hold on to Kane Hodder as the end-all be-all irreplaceable Jason, but his first time in the role was here at the tail end of the classic originals. Giving those fans the benefit of the doubt, maybe pro stuntmen who are able to give threatening, faceless physical presence this well are more rare than I'd have thought.

Anyway, I wasn't able to re-watch this last night either, I'm going to dive in tonight to refresh myself on the details...
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It hasn't aged well.

Ignoring the main issues, it surprises me that people will just venture out into the middle of a forest at night. Don't these people have any idea how big the pine barrens are?

Also, I think a post needs to be made to the blue about the role of conversion vans in 80s horror films.

Finally, how are these people able to walk into a random barn they have never seen before and find the light switch immediately?
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Terry Kiser from Weekend at Bernie's! And, of course, his magnum opus, Tammy and the T-Rex.
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This film really goes for that last-issue-of-Watchmen "Oh, I guess psychics are real, also, aparently?"
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Yeah I mean I will accept an undying tireless killing machine wearing an old hockey mask, but telekinesis? That's a bridge too far. Hahaha.

(The battle of the gargantuan throngar really was a good movie, guys)
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I always felt like this film must have begun life as an idea to cross the series over with Carrie. Of course, Carrie died in Carrie, but Jason dies in every installment, so that's no obstacle.
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Okay, so why does the Black couple have noisemakers taped to the wall of the inside of their van with "Happy Birthday" banners? Who decorates the inside of a vehicle for an indoor party? And why tape noisemakers to the wall?
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