Babylon 5: Revelations
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Franklin busies himself with saving Delenn and Garibaldi. Sheridan's sister arrives to discuss his late wife, Anna. G'Kar returns with news. Morden makes a request. "The darkness has come again."

-The Babylon 5 Advisory council cannot do much of anything with both Delenn and G'Kar absent, to Londo's frustration. By the end of the episode, both with be back. "There, you see! One deserts his post without any explanation, the other one picks the most breathtakingly inconvenient moment possible to explore new career options, like becoming a butterfly!"
-Delenn emerges from her chrysalis and Lennier calls for Franklin to attend to her, as she is in pain and is covered in scales. Turns out the scales were basically just scabs, hiding her new skin--as a Minbari-Human hybrid. She has hair and a smaller bone crest, now, and her facial prosthetics are smaller. It is unknown at this time what other changes might have happened.
-G'Kar does battle with some of the Morden's ships near sector 37 (which writhe, like animals, when struck). He returns to Babylon 5, certain that the scriptures of G'Quan have prohpesied this--and he is sending an expeditionary force to the "Shadow" homeworld, Z'Ha'Dum, to verify this. If the homeworld is lifeless, he will back down; if there is life, he will be proven correct.
-Unfortunately for G'Kar, he has chosen this moment to try to bond with Londo, as G'Kar believes the Shadows represent an existential threat to all life. This is unfortunate as Mr. Morden has just asked Londo to report all strange news of activity at the rim... including G'Kar's mission to Z'Ha'Dum, which is in fact teeming with life from Morden's ships. The shadows having been warned, the Narn ship is destroyed as soon as it exits hyperspace, and its destruction is considered a hyperspace malfunction. G'Kar's mission is believed to have failed.
-Importantly, the book of G'Quan was written about a thousand years ago. It turns out that 'about a thousand years ago' is an important galactic period.
-Na'Toth has been recast, and new Na'Toth is definitely a step down from the fiery Na'Toth of season one. G'Kar's aides have all had bad luck with makeup: his first aide, in the 'assassination' storyline in Parliament of Dreams, was to have been his permanent aide, but she couldn't bear the makeup. First Na'Toth lasted most of the season, but also bowed out, partially because of the makeup.
-Garibaldi is near death. Franklin, in a moment of desperation and with Sheridan's help, activates the alien device from The Quality of Mercy. This brings Garibaldi back, and BOY is Garibaldi pissed. He failed to stop the assassination, Sinclair is gone and replaced with some goof, and someone shot him and he doesn't know who.
-Garibaldi asks Talia to go into his head to help him discover the shooter and he discovers that Jack, his subordinate, was the shooter. Jack is apprehended, gives Garibaldi the "be seeing you" salute of which Bester was so fond, and when Jack is shipped off to face the music by order of EarthDome, he conveniently disappears. Whoops.
-Sheridan's sister, who introduced Sheridan to his future wife and his wife's best friend, arrives on-station to exposit about how Sheridan is not doing well with being a widower. Sheridan still expects Dr. Anna Sheridan to be there, sometimes. Part of the reason is because they didn't have a solid goodbye: he thought they were going to meet up at a station, but Anna took a job and they missed each other, and he never got to say goodbye. His sister shows him a video of Anna talking about a job she was taking with IPX (last seen hiring Sakai), something exciting out on the rim, and how anything that happens isn't John's fault. Sheridan finally says goodbye to his wife.
-G'Kar quotes Yeats' famous "The Second Coming": Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold...
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This alien device really doesn’t seem to make anyone happy— so far it’s been used to kill (albeit a psychopath), and Garibaldi is indeed Not Happy once revived. It’s been a while since I’ve watched this episode though, so I can’t remember what they do with the machine after using it on Garibaldi. Does the episode say?
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I think the episode doesn't say. (I just rewatched a couple of scenes, and zip).
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