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A space station in neutral territory is the focus of a unique five year saga.

Babylon 5: Mind War  Season 1, Episode 6

[arc episode] An old flame of Talia's from Psi Corps, arrives at Babylon 5 with a warning. Meanwhile, G'Kar warns Sakai away from her job job at logging mineral deposits on Sigma-957. "Let me pass on to you the one thing I've learned about this place. No one here is exactly what he appears. Not Mollari, not Delenn, not Sinclair… and not me." [more inside]
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Babylon 5: The Parliament of Dreams  Season 1, Episode 5

[arc episode, most meaningful in retrospect] Babylon 5 is having a "week of religious festivals" to encourage inter-species respect. G'Kar fears he is being followed by an assassin. Sinclair's on-and-off-again lover, Catherine Sakai, arrives. "Aaahhh, our household gods. In a world where every day is a struggle for survival, you need all the gods you can get." [more inside]
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Babylon 5: Infection  Season 1, Episode 4

[standalone episode] Franklin's terrible doctor friends brings terrible space artifacts and terribly experiments on them with no protection, which turns someone on board into a terrible superpowered space-Nazi. "The one trick Earth hasn't been able to crack. The ability to create living ships that thrive in the vacuum of space..." [more inside]
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Babylon 5: Born to the Purple  Season 1, Episode 3

[mostly crisis-of-the-week] Londo falls in love with Adira, a Centauri dancer... but she is a (literal) slave to someone who wants Londo's priceless Purple Files (aka Centauri Blackmail Material). Meanwhile, someone is using the ultra-privileged Gold Channel for surreptitious communications. "What do you want, you moon-faced assassin of joy?" [more inside]
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Babylon 5: Soul Hunter  First Watch   Season 1, Episode 2

A Soul Hunter arrives on Babylon 5, to collect a soul. The Minbari, who believe in reincarnation, are especially appalled, but all aliens hate Soul Hunters--while humans have no knowledge of it. "A quaint lie, pretty fantasy. The soul ends with death, unless we act to preserve it." [more inside]
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Babylon 5: Midnight on the Firing Line  First Watch   Season 1, Episode 1

On the Earth-led station Babylon 5: The Narn invade Ragesh 3 in a sneak attack, to retake it from Centauri. Raiders are a problem near Babylon 5. The Earth Alliance elects its president. "Blood calls out for blood." [more inside]
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