OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes: I Am Dendy
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A shadow following K.O. to Gar's after school turns out to be Dendy, an odd little girl who's a whiz with computers and other gadgets, who enlists the help of our young hero to obtain a "glorb," a power source for her invention, a "hackpack."

Who is Dendy? Think of kind of a rounder, little-kid version of Peridot from Steven Universe (especially in how she sounds), in a yellow lab coat, with orange hair, goggles, and a paler shade of green. She's always wearing a backpack. It doesn't happen in this episode, but frequently when she shows up there's a kids' cheer in the background, on the soundtrack, that at least one fan has dubbed "the Dendy cheer." Later we find out she's a Kappa, a creature from Japanese mythology who are the subject of some prejudice in K.O.'s world. Her name comes from the bootleg Russian version of the Famicom video game system.

Dendy is a bit amoral, with a straight-ahead outlook focused on her goals without much concern for the consequences. Fortunately, she's inventive enough to often fix the problems she causes; when she breaks Mr. Logic's hair clippers for a part she wants, she's able to repair them better than before.

We spend a little more time with Mr. Logic here. He claims his grandfather gave him his clippers, but later on we find out he was created by Lord Boxmore. Was that a retcon?

The second item Dendy says she needs is a disk of a metal alloy. They look for it in an arcade, which is something we've not seen in the plaza before. Arcade machines spotted are M.ELODIE (an arcade game based off of Enid's former best friend, in a future episode!), one called 4 FIGHTS, and another called UP DOG. ("What's 'Up Dog?'") In the arcade hanging out are ARMS ("A Real Magic Skeleton") and Brandon, and also Red Action, Drupe and Gregg.

At the token machine, K.O. says they're "point 25 Technos" away from her disk. That seems to indicate that one dollar ~ 1 Techno. Dendy acquires one by rigging the machine to spill out tokens. Huh.

The third object Dendy "needs" is a glorb, which she first suggests just taking from Mr. Logic until K.O. stops her. This is a good time to discuss....


This is the first episode to mention them, but they will come up again and again and are obviously an important part of the show's lore. What we know about them must be pieced together from different episodes. Here's some of what we know:
- Glorbs are luminous energy balls. It's possible that they grow on trees.
- There is a room with glorbs beneath the Plaza, with a reinforced door leading to it. We'll see it in the next episode. Mr. Gar knows of this room.
- Glorbs are a very efficent and clean source of energy.
- Glorbs are quite powerful, but are not infinite. While they seem to generate energy, it is possible for one to run out.
- Every robot contains a glorb as a power source. Lord Boxman has a glorb reactor to harness their power.
- Rad's family brought some energy sources that are *like* glorbs (but may not precisely be glorbs) from their home planet.
- Some characters can utilize glorbs directly for power. Notably these include Venomous' henchman Fink and, possibly, T.K.O.
- It is possible that objects at least *like* glorbs are responsible for significant events in the past of Carol, Mr. Gar, Carol's former lover Laserblast, and the hero group P.O.I.N.T.

But you wouldn't know much of these from this episode. Here, they're mostly an excuse for Dendy to ask things of K.O.

Dendy loves Pow Cards as much as K.O. does. "Have you seen the new Ted Viking card, with battle damage?" So that's the viking guy's name. Another new Pow Card is shown here, Professor Venomous (his first appearance) with level -7.

So Dendy was just going to leave K.O. in the junk fish? Dendy's pretty cold overall in this episode, although that's just her personality. She warms up (a bit) through the first season. K.O. entirely doesn't mind at all. I guess any ill-feeling gets put into that little cage in his head that he keeps his rage in, that we see in A LATER EPISODE dot dot dot dot

Dendy's file on K.O., "ko-note.doc" (some obscured text has been extrapolated):
"Determination: Subject appears to embrace situations with even the slightest statistical likelihood of success
Hobbies: Helping others, fighting, 'tag' game.
Problem-Solving Subject displays a tendency to fixate on and exhaust a single method of solving a problem rather than seeking novel approaches.
Mortality: Typical for his stage in development, subject does not appear to have firm grasp on the prospect of mortality."

... elsewhere ...

"...are more expedient than average.
Temperament: Cheerful, excitable, optimistic.
Agency: Subject is quick to react, seeking external validation frequently.
Self-Preservation: Subjet does not [?] danger openly. Subject may be compensating for conspicuous lack of paternal figure by placing himself in dangerous situations, hoping to prove either worthy of love or capable of love himself."

...still elsewhere...

"Subject Name: K.O.
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Eyes: Black
Hero Level: .01
Occupation: Student/Part-Time Helper
Known Allies: Carol (mother), Radicles & Enid (co-workers), Dendy (self)
Birthday: No data
Blood Type: O
Pain Tolerance: High.
Body Fat Percentile: No data
Grade Point Average: No data"

K.O.'s level was established as 0.1 in a previous episode, but is listed as .01 in Dendy's notes. Maybe the card was rounding up, or Dendy has incorrect data?

She also has files on Pow Cards Unlimited and GameyCompWorld.

So, that's Dendy introduced. While she isn't in nearly as many episodes as Enid or Rad, she becomes a very important member of the cast.
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