OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes: Do You Have Any More In The Back?
May 2, 2018 10:55 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Rad is wise in the ways of the stockboy, and brags to K.O. "I know everything!" But when a customer request sends them into the back room of the bodega and the fearsome and dangerous underplaza, could he, K.O. and Enid be in for more than they can handle?

This is a very silly episode that sneaks in an important bit of plaza geography along the way, so pay attention.

It is difficult, with a show like OK K.O., to know which details are throwaway jokes that'll never be referred to again, and which are things that might show up later. Like, apparently there's a plaza employee named Gary who works (and lives?) in the tunnels beneath the bodega, who warns people of the dangers. This also seems to be where plaza regular Miss Mummy lives. We find out that, if you backtrack through the rooms, they'll be different than before, because they're "randomly generated," heh.

One of the rooms, however, we know is important, because it turns up prominently in a later episode. This is the ominous-seeming room with the pillars and water and the tree. We find out later that here one can obtain many glorbs, the mysterious power source that runs devices and robots in K.O.'s world. There is another entrance to this room, we discover later, but it is through a barred and reinforced door that leads to the sewers.

The gang has some trouble with a bothersome mimic (a monster from Dungeons & Dragons), pretending to be various inanimate objects. When the mimic challenges the guys to a final battle in the traditional way, taking turns and rolling for initiative, this is also a reference to D&D. Our heroes don't care: "Dice are for nerds!"

Anyway, mostly it's just silly fun. I love episodes like this. Not much lore, just hanging out and having fun. Well, I guess they're in danger. Maybe Mr. Gar should give them hazard pay?
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