Anyone else watching Craig of the Creek?
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We're caught up with the first season, as it's been aired so far, and I'm in love with this heartwarming little cartoon. Anyone else interested in talking about it? (And if so, independent threads for episodes, or full season at once? I don't know how this works...)
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Well, I support anything making positive use of the name "Craig". I grew up as a Craig when there were almost no notable Craigs (even though it was the 52nd most popular baby boy's name that year). The invisibility of 'Craig' was part of the reason I started using the pen-name/alias Wendell (but only part; it's complicated). By the year 2000, Craig had dropped to #340, but then came Craigslist, the Late Late Craig Ferguson and 007 Daniel Craig, and by 2016... it was down in the #900s; ugh. I am semi-hopeful that "Craig of the Creek" will reverse the trend, but I was also hopeful for "Sanjay and Craig" and that's been cancelled (but then, that Craig character was a snake).
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Craig is a very Generation X name.
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