Misfits UK?
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Anyone here a fan?

I watched all of Misfits on Hulu a few years ago and recently rewatched the first 3 seasons. I really enjoy it but I don't know anyone else who is familiar with it. Any fans? Any interest? And if there is should we just do full seasons since the show is done?
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I watched it some time ago when the Logo channel ran it - I think they stopped after season 4, but I didn't feel compelled to try to track down any alternative way to see that 5th & final season after not particularly liking the new guy/missing the olds. I would love to see it again someday, but not enough to make me sign up for Hulu. My memory of what happened in which season is pretty jumbled, so, I'd probably just lurk on any thread posted.
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I don't think it's on Hulu anymore. I liked the show enough I bought the first 3 season. I watched all 6, but I prefer to think the show ended after s3.
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I loved the first three seasons but then stopped watching it. I haven't watched it in years, though, and would probably need a rewatch before discussing. (if it's currently available on netflix or hulu, I'd rewatch)
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It's no longer on Hulu and isn't on Netflix.

Sigh. Someday I will like something all the cool kids like.
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I enjoyed the first couple seasons, wouldn't mind a rewatch synced with others. I get most of my shows from Torrent so access isn't an issue for me. If it's ever available somewhere, I'm in.
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LOOOOOOOVED this show, until [spoiler]
they all switched their powers. NOT into it.

But the guy with the power of "dairy products" who used his power to murder anyone who rejected him was one of the greatest things I have ever seen.
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