Fear the Walking Dead: What's Your Story?
April 20, 2018 8:56 PM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

A lone traveler's wearying journey is interrupted by new acquaintances, some who become friend, others who become foe.
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(I'm posting this now because it will repeat in 40 minutes on AMC on Dish Network. Tomorrow night AMC is going to run a marathon of Season 3.)

I've only seen a few early episodes of FTWD, so I basically followed Morgan from one show to the next. I like the new characters of Althea and John. It's nice to see Garret Dillahunt play a nice guy; it seems like every time I see him he's playing yet another creep. And I'm looking forward to Althea's role as journalist/chronicler. That's a handy little truck she's got there.
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(Tomorrow night AMC is going to run a marathon of Season 3.)

(Actually it looks like they're going to play the last two episodes of Season 2 tonight, followed by a special and then marathon season three through the night and tomorrow until the new episode tomorrow evening.)
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John Henry! Well this was an odd little episode! It looks to be much more in the flavour of OG walking dead, but with the cast of the new one, could be interesting. Love Al and her whole Thunder Road thang and hope we see more of her.
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Caught up with the new season... Walking Dead has infected Fear the Walking Dead, oh noes. I have enjoyed the latter much more, and watch the former somewhat grudgingly.

On Fear, characters don't talk via super-vague aphorisms (see almost all of Morgan). Eleven minutes in, Morgan says to himself on a lone journey, in full, "You know what it is". That's some classic referentless-pronoun stuff straight from the Walking Dead school of dialog. I can make some up. Conjure up Rick's drawl: "Carol, you've seen it. It's all of us. It's in everything. I want this to be different. Let's make this right. You know it's what it needs to be, where we're going... that's where I've been. Coral made it better, it'll be better... this is coming, and you know what that means for us".

I have really enjoyed the mise-en-scene of Fear, the west coast and arid areas of Mexico, and that was also gone in this episode.

In summary, leave Fear alone! (Haven't watch episode 2 yet.)
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When I heard that Morgan was going to be on FTWD, I thought that meant they would be filling in more of Morgan‚ÄĚs time away from Rick and crew on TWD. Bringing FTWD up beyond the timeline of TWD is an interesting choice. So many seasons of TWD have been set within a short timeframe, and here it looks like they are going to be filling in a couple of years of time (and not telling it linearly).
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