Homeland: All In
April 23, 2018 4:08 PM - Season 7, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Saul's mission is a go. The clock ticks on the Keane administration.

Alternate recap: Yevgeny is hoisted by his own petard - the ol' stolen security pass gambit. While Max appears to have every single centimetre of Moscow under digital surveillance, Carrie goes old school with a sweaty clamber round a precipitous window ledge. Dar makes the tiniest of cameos in the loneliest of exercise yards. There is - huzzah! - no mention at all of Franny, except the faintest echo of Carrie's promise - "I always come back" blowing in the wind as she teeters from the edifice. The wig game is strong. So strong.
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Well, that was fun! I just really fucking loved that the climax was two lethal women pointing guns at each other. Bechdel test-tastic.

I really thought Yevgeny was going to shoot Simone in the apartment to solve the problem she'd become, I must be hard-hearted, didn't believe his love for her enough to think he'd let it get in the way of the mission.

It's great to see Carrie suddenly, finally, so competely fucking free from domestic constraints that she can wholeheartedly plead with Saul to give her a chance at her crazy plan. And even better that we know she's doing it clear-headed, not under the sway of untreated mental illness. Pure, unadulterated Carrie-on-a-mission.

F. Murray Abraham obviously said to the producers: "I'll do season 7 if you give me the tiniest part possible" and they obliged in spades. The fact he's in it at all, though, makes me think he must be likely to return for the final season - otherwise they wouldn't have reminded us of his existence, they'd have just left him locked up and forgotten.
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I really thought Yevgeny was going to shoot Simone in the apartment to solve the problem she'd become,

I feel like he wanted to make sure there was no other alternative before, eventually coming back with gun ready to cut his losses so to speak. He's a company man at heart, but he does have a heart, and deep down he probably thought his love for Simone could redeem his soul somehow. But the job (the life) comes first in the end.
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I need to see the Republican Senator go to the pokey for his collusion with the Russians. I need it. This is the sort of fanservice I need.
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Oh I should have pointed out last episode my suspicions that Sen. Haley (sp?) 's chief of staff was looking like a Russian asset to me. This episode has solidified that hunch for me. Which service she works for, not certain, but def one of them.
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some loser - Senator Paley! Yes, totally, it was obvious last episode she was going to be trouble and it seems pretty likely she’s working for the Russians - either that or she’s dangerously, nakedly ambitious. I think Clint is going to be on the receiving end of one of Saul’s “very disappointed” looks before too long.

One odd thing: If there was a rear exit to the apartment for Simone and Carrie to flee from, why did Max and his magical map not send Carrie up that way in the first place? It might have been a fire door, only openable from the inside, but trying to open a door from the wrong side is a safer bet than the window ledge.
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When did Simone turn into a weak little Doe?
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I'm with penguin pie in enjoying watching Carrie with the gloves off. I love the dual role she's in, half-time sitting down at a negotiating table and half-time crawling ledges and holding a gun.

A little confused about how far out on a limb Carries' Boys have gone though. A running gun battle in a diplomat's dacha? Leaving a corpse behind? Awk-ward.

I hate the idea that Paley's chief of staff is a Russian agent. Only she was being awfully forceful, and something's got to explain Paley's own wishy-washiness.
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It was interesting that Paley turned out, out of the blue, to be so pally with Dar. I guess that was just a useful plot device to give Paley some information and to keep Dar in our minds for future use. But a bit of me wonders if that plot point will end up resurfacing.

If his CoS is a Russian spy, I’m pretty sure Paley is oblivious.

Can’t belirve it’s alnost time for the finale already, it seems to have flashed by.
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