Steven Universe: Secret Team
October 17, 2014 2:39 PM - Season 1, Episode 29 - Subscribe

Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl accidentally break a bubble with Gem shards, then form a "secret team" to track them down without Garnet finding out.
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It looks like Garnet finally figured out that Steven doesn't really feel like part of the team. More to the point, she figured out that, despite Steven's apparently limitless optimism and love, the gems have been very exclusionary towards him.

Obviously at least part of that is they have no idea how to act towards him.The way this show plays with cartoon tropes of who should act how makes me happier than one would expect.
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The big question is "why are Amethyst and Pearl so afraid of Garnet?"

Im also curious to know what Pearl is up to with those gem shards.
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This episode illustrates that while the Crystal Gems have a primary mission they each have their own agendas and desires. The way I see it long ago Rose Quartz kicked the Gem civilization off of earth, likely with the help of the other Crystal Gems, and has since been cleaning up the remnants of Gem civilization and the fallout of that war. Garnet is continuing that mission since Rose Quartz gave herself up to make Steven. It's possible that Gem culture forgot about the earth or decided it wasn't worth the effort, but Lapis leaving followed shortly by Peridot's arrival shows the Gems are now both aware of the Earth and at least mildly interested in restoring contact with the Earth. Amethyst seems content with Earth culture but Pearl in particular retains a fondness for Gem culture and wouldn't mind restoring contact, I bet, although I'm sure that spells very bad things for humanity.

I doubt Gemkind's arrival in force would bode well for Humanity as a whole, given what we've seen of how Gems treat their own kind. Perhaps Steven's ultimate purpose is to show Gems the worth of humanity and bridge the gap between the two.
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